nana sews

My name is Nana Peggy and this is my blog, Nana Sews.

I grew up sewing in the 1960’s and beyond because there weren’t clothing stores you simply went into and bought clothes and as I got married and had kids, I sewed to save money.

Sewing is my creative outlet

People have asked me for so many years to sew them items because they felt like sewing was too hard. I want to change that. You won’t find tutorials with a million complicated steps. All of my projects are easy and simple. is about using a new sewing machine or one given to you by a mom or grandmother and creating fun projects you can sell on Etsy, at a craft show or use around your home. The projects are quick and easy.

Nothing fancy here

You won’t find the most polished video. Perfection is highly overrated. I am just a Nana on a mission to teach you to sew. If you cuss when you make a mistake or accidentally sew something wrong, simply learn and move forward. PS make sure you own a seam ripper.

Videos and a blog

They say you can’t teach a dog new tricks. Well, I am not a dog, but I am learning new things. My daughter is an amazing business strategist. If you want to make money online, she is patient and has a gift to give you a simple plan to do that. You can find her at

I come up with sewing projects I would like to do, and she tells me if, looking at the keywords and data, they have a chance to do well. I call her the data queen.

She then maps out the video, so I stay on topic and help with the recording and editing. She also writes blog posts and creates tutorials. My job is to create and add Amazon links to help you get your supplies.

Show Nana your projects

I love when someone messages me on Instagram and shows me their project. I don’t care if your stitching isn’t perfect. It’s made from the heart, and that is all that matters. Nana is proud of you.