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Sewing clips VS  Sewing Pins

Do you know the difference between sewing clips and pins? 

Sewing clip Pro's

– Strong – Holds most fabrics together – Great for slippery lightweight materials t – No holes in your finished product – Sturdy and durable – Lightweight and easy to use

Sewing clip Cons

– More expensive than pin – Bulky when sewing – Makes your fabric heavier – Makes it harder to move your fabric while sewing

–– Inexpensive and you can find them in many stores or online  – Great for layers of fabric – Great for long stretches of sewing – Easy to use

Sewing Pins Pro's

– – They hurt when they prick you – Hard to find if you drop one on the floor – They can’t be used with all fabric – Can bend a needle if you sew over them – How do you use sewing clips?

Sewing Pins Con's

There is a link on the blog post for the ones I use. I am currently loving smaller ones for my sewing projects.