5 Sewing Tables for Small Spaces

It's time to get a dedicated space for your sewing supplies. Here are 5 sewing tables for small spaces


Arrow 601 Gidget

The Arrow 601 Gidget is a compact folding sewing table that you can conveniently stow away when not using it, thanks to its space-saving design.


Sew Ready Comet Multipurpose Craft Desk

The Sew Ready Comet is not only a great option for its affordability and ample workspace, but it is also easy to assemble


Best Choice Products Folding Sewing Table

Despite its compact size, this sewing table gives you a remarkable amount of workspace when opened up and thus a great sewing table for small spaces.


Usinso folding sewing table

This sewing machine table has a foldable design that allows for both expansion and closure, making it a versatile space-saving option that can serve multiple purposes.


SEI Furniture Eaton Expandable Craft Station

It has 4 open shelves, and you could add our fabric baskets for your fabric stash or other sewing supplies.


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