Singer Sewing Machine Models by Year

You will be fascinated by the history of Singer and what the machines have looked like over the years.

Isaac Merritt Singer’s distinctive contribution was the introduction of the first widely embraced installment payment plan for sewing machines.

The Turtleback

Introduced in 1856, the Turtleback was a significant milestone for Singer as it marked their first sewing machine specifically designed for domestic use.

Singer Fiddlebase

It held the distinction of being the first reliable lockstitch sewing machine available on the market, capable of effortlessly stitching through multiple layers of fabric.

Singer Featherweight

This model broke away from the traditional heavy cast steel construction by utilizing lightweight cast aluminum, resulting in a machine that weighed a mere eleven pounds.

The Slant-O-Matic

These machines are highly regarded for their robust steel construction and their ability to perform zigzag stitches, which adds versatility to their capabilities.

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