DIY Wine Gift Bag sewing tutorial

What you need to make this...

Fabric Ribbon Sewing machine


Cut your fabric 12×20”

Mark 4” below to fold using your fabric pen. It will disappear once you iron it.


Attach your ribbon 9 1/2 " below with sewing pins.  Sew a straight stitch with a seam allowance of ¼ at the top and ⅛ inch at the bottom, where you folded ¼” and ironed


Fold your pieces of fabric right sides together, making sure your piece of ribbon is facing inward (you can use a safety pin to hold it in place), and sew down your raw edges in a straight line on your side seam and across the bottom of the bag.



Turn your DIY wine bag inside out using a bone folder to poke your corners out creating a crisp edge inside of the bag.

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