Christmas Ornaments To Sew

9 Easy Christmas Ornaments To Sew: Easy To Make


We recently had a friend who sews who lost her home to a fire, we wanted to surprise her with some ornaments this Christmas with some handmade fabric ornaments. Here is our list of Christmas ornaments to sew that are quick and easy.  

Our handmade ornaments were a hit with her and her family.  Such a fun project to help them rebuild and create new memories filled with love from each of us. 

We also ended up making a few or an ornament exchange, which was so much fun. We had dinner and everyone brought an ornament for each person, so everyone went home with 7 new ornaments. 

Not only that, but we will definitely be making this a yearly tradition. These heirlooms are gifts from women who love sewing and quilting and their handmade nature of makes you appreciate all the effort they put into creating the ornaments. 

Sewing Supplies For Christmas Ornaments To Sew:

These adorable ornaments can easily be done in different colors and using your fabric scraps. DIY Christmas decorations are such a great way to decorate your Christmas tree. 

Fabric Ornament

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Download Tutorial: Fabric Ornament

This is such a fun way to make a great project for all those small fabric scraps you have. You could also make a memory fabric ornament using old pieces of clothing from someone who passed previously. 

The circle is crafted by sewing together 12 pentagons, providing flexibility to customize the size according to your preference.

The pattern pieces, designed for a 4-inch ball ornament, are conveniently available for printing above when you download the tutorial.

 This would be the perfect ornament to make every holiday season and add a new one to your tree. 

Quilted Christmas Tree Ornament


Download Tutorial: Quilted Christmas Tree Ornament

Raise your hand if you have scrap Christmas fabric? We had a blast making these homemade Christmas ornaments.

You get to choose what colors your fabric Christmas tree ornament has. I used scraps that were in my sewing room. These cute ornaments turned out adorable. 

We did some in traditional Christmas colors and for a few who were coming to our ornament exchange, I did specific colors I know are their favorites.

These trees don’t have to be traditional. They can be whimsical or elegant. It all depends on your imagination.

Quilted Star Ornament

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Download tutorial: Quilted Star Ornament

No need to go to the craft store if you have Christmas fabric for your other sewing projects. You simply sew your pieces together for these DIY ornaments and add a ribbon bow when finished. 

This is one of our favorite homemade ornaments. We also made extra and bought simple green Christmas garland and added these to the garland. It turned out so cute.  Don’t forget to get the PDF download. 

Star Ornament

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Download Tutorial: Star Ornament

These free sewing patterns make such a fun project. You only need 3 strips of fabric, buttons and your iron. These easy DIY Christmas ornaments are such a personal touch to anyone Christmas tree. 

This is another one of the ideas where you can use old clothing. These would be great gifts using baby clothes, clothes from a family member who has passed away, or just scraps of fabric.  

The ideas are endless, and you can always hit up an antique store or estate sale to find old buttons.

We posted on social media asking if anyone had old buttons and had several people donate buttons they simply had lying around. 

Gingerbread Man Ornament

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Download Tutorial: Gingerbread man ornament

This time of year, when you think of Christmas, what do you think of? Candy Canes, Gingerbread man, Santa etc. So these are appropriate for handmade Christmas ornaments.  

You only need some felt and use scissors and some rik rack or ribbon to make these. Melissa has small kids, so we decided to make these with them. They were so much fun to do. The kids had a blast picking the colors of ribbon they wanted. 

​Each was super unique and the memories they built will last with them forever. It’s a great tradition to add to your Christmas traditions. It makes the best exeriences for your kids. 

Santa Ornament


Download TutorialSanta hat Ornament

Explore the joy of crafting with Chris Malone’s whimsical quilt block ornaments. These delightful creations, available in sizes 5 5/8″ x 5 5/8″ and 6″ x 5 7/8″, are not only fun to make but also offer a heartfelt handmade touch to get anyone in the holiday spirit.

These Christmas crafts are suitable for beginners, this project promises a delightful and rewarding experience.

I love that there are 2 quilt blocks in this pattern. Makes a super cute duo for hanging on your Christmas tree. 

Snowman Ornament

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Download Tutorial: Snowman Ornament

This little felt snowman ornament  makes the cutest felt Christmas tree ornaments. It’s so easy to make your own ornaments.  Download the PDF sewing pattern, and it’s 100% appropriate to make these with young kids. You can use a piece of ribbon for the scarf. 

This was one of my favorite things to make this Christmas season. I love simple and fun and being able to customize it in different patterns.

 I used some baker’s twine to use as a string to hand the ornament on the tree.  You could also use some ribbon if you have extra in your sewing stash.

Quilted Ball Ornament

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Download Tutorial Quilted Ball Ornament

These balls look super complicated, but honestly, these small ornaments are super easy to make when you follow the instructions step-by-step.  It’s a simple project and you can easily use your scrap fabrics. 

We made several of these. Just an organization tip. I have a folder on my computer and in my Google Drive that says Christmas ornaments, and all PDF’s go into there. Especially an easy tutorial I will make again and again. 

Snowflake Ornament

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Download Tutorial: Snowflake ornament

​This turned out to be one of our favorite snowflake design ideas. It looks complicated, but I promise it isn’t.

The pattern is very straightforward, and you can use so many color combos that, just like real snowflakes, there are so many different looks. 

They look so delicate and regal. I love the look of them on the Christmas tree with the lights blinking. You could also add them to a Christmas garland for a beautiful handmade Christmas garland. 

Christmas Sewing Projects

Feel like making a few more sewing projects for Christmas? Here are a few of our favorite sewing projects that you can make in a weekend. Don’t forget to include your email address above to have all these patterns sent to your email list. 

Easy Christmas Stockings (create your own customized stockings for each member of the family)

Christmas Tree Skirt Patterns (a ton of variety in these patterns. So much fun to make for this Christmas season)

Christmas Sewing Projects (more fun Christmas sewing projects to make for Christmas)

Make sure and share your projects on Facebook and on our Facebook page. We love seeing what you are creating and being inspired by you. 

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