11 Easy and Beautiful Christmas Sewing Projects To Make

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This holiday season, it’s such a great time to tackle some Christmas sewing projects. Whether you make them for your decor or as Christmas gifts, we love all these free sewing pattern ideas. 

All of these Christmas sewing projects include a free pattern. Make sure and show the designers some love for creating these beautiful tutorials. They will be so much fun to make, so grab your scissors, Christmas fabric, and sewing machine, and let’s get to sewing.

If we haven’t met, I am Nana Peggy and I have been sewing since I was a little girl. I am in my 70s and love teaching people how to sew, but also showing you some of my favorite Christmas sewing projects.   I am glad you are here and happy to answer any questions you have. 

​Additionally, if you are new to sewing, I recommend getting an inexpensive sewing machine under $200 and the Sewing practice sheets before tackling any of these projects. 

Advent Calendar

Photo Credit:A Beautiful mess.com

Download Pattern

This makes such a fun gift for this festive season. You can easily change the colors of the mini stockings and simply add their favorite things to each day. It’s a great way to celebrate Advent and have a beautiful wall display.  This is one of our favorite Christmas sewing projects. 

I made one for each of my grandkids so they can use them with my great grandbabies.  Also think about where you could use the mini Christmas stocking pattern.  They could easily be used for Elf on the shelf or any other Christmas sewing projects.

Quilted Wreath

Photo Credit: Etsy.com

Download pattern

This Christmas wreath screams it’s Christmas time. This is a great way to use your scrap fabrics for this great project. It also makes a great gift, or you could easily sell it at a craft show or on Facebook.  It looks complicated, but it really does take just basic sewing skills and following the PDF sewing pattern. 

If you don’t have time to create a Christmas quilt, this is an easy way to bring the quilted look into your Christmas decorations. 

Drawstring Bag

Photo Credit: Etsy.com

Download Pattern

These make fun Christmas sewing projects. If you struggle to wrap presents like I do and use paper bags, this is a great alternative. It’s an easy project and perfect for any skill level. You can even use scrap fabric or find fabric remnants at your local craft store.

Don’t forget to download the free tutorial and put different sizes of gifts. Small bags are perfect for little gifts, while you can make a large drawstring bag for larger gifts.  We also have a simple Drawstring bag pattern with free instructions. 

Fabric Gift Tag

Photo Credit: https://livelaughrowe.com

Download Pattern

Have you ever thought about making your own gift tags with fabric? If not, this is the perfect time with these free templates. You could easily use fat quarters and create these simple projects. 

They take the gift toppers up a notch for Christmas day. The great thing is they are the perfect project for beginner sewers and such a fun project. Don’t forget the Christmas stockings to go with the individual gift tags

Gnome Pillow

Photo Credit: Etsy

Download Pattern

This Christmas gnome pillow is all about simple sewing projects. He makes the perfect addition to your couch or chair for the holiday season. I make snowflake pillows instead with this PDF pattern and cut out my snowflakes with my Cricut machine. 

This is such a great idea to add a new thing to your Christmas home decor ideas without spending a ton of money.

They also make a great Christmas gift if you are looking for a homemade gifts to give to someone.  Who doesn’t love a new Christmas pillow. You could also coordinate it with a Christmas tree skirt. We have tons of  patterns available for those. 

Fabric Christmas Ornaments

Photo Credit: www.ohohdeco.com

Download Pattern

These were some of my favorite things to made out of this list. These handmade ornaments are gorgeous. You can use Christmas fabric or use these vibrant colors shown in the photo. 

​Coordinate your fabric with your colour scheme for your holiday sewing projects and in no time you have a modern classic look for your Christmas tree. It’s so much fun to try new things when it comes to Christmas sewing projects. 

Gift Tags

Photo Credit: scratchandstitch.com

Download Pattern

These little handmade gifts are perfect to adorn a gift, but would also be tied to your garland this Christmas season. They look like mini Christmas guilt patterns, and you could easily add them to a table runner or use felt to make felt ornaments. 

The ideas are endless. They only take a few minutes to make, so they help you get a head start on your Christmas decor. 

Felt Ornaments

Photo Credit:swoodsonsays.com

Download Pattern

I made this little guy last year, and he turned out so cute.  You can cut out the felt on your Cricut machine if you want to save time or do more than one.

I made a Christmas table runner pattern and added him to the center of it with some greenery. 

When you create several, these are an easy Christmas sewing projects. They can be added to any of your Christmas projects as an accessory.

Fabric Pine cones

Photo Credit: Etsy.com

Download Pattern

Remember the little felt bird above, well, in my table decor I added theme adorable fabric pine cones. They are so easy to make, and you can do traditional pine cone colors or patterned fabric like they did. 

I love that they last a long time and don’t crumble like real pine cones.  It’s like making a mini quilt pine cone and is so simple to make. 

Santa Advent Calendar

Photo Credit: thecraftygentleman.net

Download Pattern

This jolly sewing pattern is so much fun to make. My great grandkids LOVE his and want to treat him like a doll. I have to remind them he is wall hangings and not meant to be put in the doll stroller. 

This guy makes advent super fun, and the elf on the shelf has been known to hit a few goodies in him. Definitely add him to your Christmas sewing projects. Everyone will love meeting him.

​Fabric Christmas Wreath

christmas seiwng projects
Photo Credit: Etsy.com

Download Pattern

​This is one of the best Christmas sewing projects. There are a ton of little projects, but then you put it all together and look how cute it turns out. I have a door and a screen, and so I placed this on my door. 

If you don’t have a screen door, I would use it for wall hangings, as the dust or water would probably ruin it. 

Other Christmas Sewing Projects

I hope you found some great Christmas sewing projects to complete. All of these are super cute and take a weekend to make. Don’t forget that, a fun Santa apron is perfect for all the holiday baking and cooking while watching your favorite Christmas movie. 

If you have any favorite Christmas sewing projects, let us know in the comments. We would love to share them with everyone. 

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