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Coffee Cozy Pattern-Easy 15-minute Project


Whether you are trying to keep your soda cold or your coffee hot, this coffee cozy pattern is simple to make and is great as a beginner sewing project.

You only need a few supplies and can use scrap fabrics from your stash.

These are great to use around your home, give as gifts, or sell at craft shows. Let’s dive into the coffee cozy pattern. You will find the PDF version in our Sewing Class library.

coffee cozy pattern
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Coffee Cozy Pattern Supplies

Coffee Cozy Pattern Directions

Start by cutting 2 pieces of fabric (one for the main fabric and 1 for the lining) and 1 piece of insul bright. Your measurements are 3×10.5 inches.

coffee cozy pattern
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Insul bright is essential to keep your coffee hot without burning your hands. It’s a great product to have on hand for your sewing projects.

Second, you want to place the right sides of your fabric together and place your Insul bright on top of all your fabrics. Next, don’t forget to use your sewing pins or sewing clips to hold everything in place.

Third, you want to sew a 1/2″ around, making sure you leave a 1-2″ opening to turn your fabrics to their right sides.

A little trick I use is to put 2 pins at the beginning and at the end. Don’t forget also to back stitch when you begin and when you end.

Fourth, clip your corners close to your seam, but remember to take your time and be careful making sure you do not clip your seams.

Fifth, You want to turn your fabric so that your right sides are both showing and use a bone folder or chopstick to poke all your corners out, creating a professional look.

Sixth, as seen in your coffee cozy pattern, you want to close up your opening and use sewing pins or sewing clips to hold it in place and top stitch all the way around.

coffee cozy pattern
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You will again want to back stitch when you start and when you finish. This helps strengthen your seams.

Finally, you want to sew together your ends. There is a lot of material in this part, so take your time and slowly sew closing the end. You can now use your coffee cozy pattern on a hot coffee cup or a cold soda.

coffee cozy pattern
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Why use Insul bright

Insul bright is an insulated batting. It’s used in potholders, so you don’t get burned, and used in things like this to keep items cold. I have linked my favorite brand above.

You can use batting but it doesn’t keep items as cold or hot as the insul bright does.

Just a little caution about insul bright. You can NOT put this in the microwave if reheating your coffee. There is metal in this batting and it will cause sparks in your microwave and can damage your microwave.

Coffee Cozy Pattern Video tutorial

Please remember, you can download the free PDF of this sewing class in our sewing class library. There are many tutorials in there and all are absolutely free to download.

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