Crochet Coaster Patterns

Get Crafty With 22 Easy-to-Make Crochet Coaster Patterns

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Crochet coasters are such a great way to protect your coffee table. They also make great gifts. We have put together our favorite crochet coaster patterns.

Choose the one that fits your preferred aesthetic. Remember, you can always use different colors with any of the free crochet coaster patterns. 

Crochet Coaster Patterns

Unless otherwise noted, you will want to use cotton yarn when crafting your crochet coasters. This yarn variety boasts excellent water absorption and lays perfectly flat on your table.

Its durability is unmatched, allowing for worry-free machine washing (unless otherwise stated in your coaster pattern).

After laundering, simply lay them out flat on the table while they’re still damp, allowing them to air dry.

Acrylic yarn is used for many easy crochet coasters. They hold up well to hot mugs, but shouldn’t be used if you are creating square coasters for hot dishes or pans as part of your home decor in your kitchen.

Crochet Supplies

Each pattern should have its own list of supplies, but here are the most common supplies you will need to complete the patterns.

Free Crochet Patterns:

Check out our 12 Crochet cat hat patterns for your feline friend. Some of these are so hysterical.  We also have 19 Fall and Winter Crochet Gnome patterns you must see.

These little guys are so cute and would be a perfect addition to your home decor. You can also check out our DIY project library where we have sewing, quilting, and crochet projects to help you be crafty. 

diy projects

Crochet Coaster Patterns

Check out these top-notch fun coasters handpicked from our favorite blog posts. There are so many beautiful crochet coaster patterns.

While some come with a free pattern, we’ve also included a few gems that are totally worth the investment. Get ready to dive into a world of simple crochet coasters!

Crochet Fall Patterns

Here are some of my favorite fall patterns for coasters.

If you are looking for a simple crochet coaster pattern look no further. These decorative coasters come with a written pattern making for an easy crochet project and of course a quick crochet project.

Whether you are a repeat crafter or beginner crocheters, pick an easy crochet pattern and put your personal touch on it for these simple coasters. 

Don’t forget also to level the blogger some love on their post. Taking time to create the pattern, writing descriptions and taking a ton of photos takes time. Let them know you appreciate them.

The perfect project for a weekend of crafting or while binging on your favorite TV show. They make perfect gifts for the coffee lover in your life. 

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