crochet potholder patterns

23 Easy Crochet Potholder Patterns

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If you are needing a new potholder in your kitchen or looking to create a quick gift, these free crochet potholder patterns are perfect. 

The patterns for crochet potholders can range from uncomplicated to intricate, yet the majority of the selections in this round up are well-suited for those who are new to crochet or at an intermediate level. 

Additionally, given that potholders are a speedy project, you can anticipate completing one in just a matter of hours—perhaps even less from your free pattern.

crochet potholder patterns

Crocheted potholders are fantastic options for gifts as well! They serve as perfect hostess presents for dinners and holiday gatherings, thoughtful tokens for friends and colleagues, expressions of gratitude for teachers, or considerate Christmas gifts for practically anyone you have in mind.

Now, let’s delve into the realm of crochet potholder patterns and prepare to revamp your kitchen—or someone else’s—with these delightful and practical designs!

Crochet Materials

Prior to beginning, make sure to review your pattern to determine the required materials. The majority of crochet potholder patterns call for these common supplies:

Cotton yarn

Crochet hook(s)

Accessories (scissors, yarn needle, leather strap, embroidery thread, etc.)

Is acrylic yarn suitable for crafting potholders?

It’s advisable to refrain from using acrylic yarn for potholders unless they are purely ornamental. Acrylic yarn lacks the ability to withstand heat and might even melt when used to handle hot dishes.

For potholders and hot pads, opt for robust cotton yarn instead. A few recommended yarn options for crafting hot pads include Lily Sugar ‘n Cream, Dishie Cotton, and Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton. You want a dense fabric to handle hot pots.

Within this compilation, you’ll observe several patterns crafted using acrylic yarn, serving a purely decorative purpose. For instance, consider the Little Gobbler Pot Holder and the Reindeer Hot Pad Pattern. To render them suitable for handling hot dishes, transition to cotton yarn and enhance the thickness by doubling the strands.

Crochet Potholder Patterns

Find your favorite free crochet pattern and enjoy making crochet pot holders.  Your next fun project waits for you.  These are such a great project for a weekend craft or while watching TV at night.

We hope you found an easy crochet potholder pattern. Whether you are making a square potholder or hot pads for your hot pans we love the pot holder crochet patterns. Don’t forget you can use Insul bright or do extra thickness for using your pot holder for high temperatures. 

Other Useful Crochet Projects

If you are looking to make another handmade gift, check out one of these easy pattern. Such a great way to make more projects as a beginner crocheter using leftover strands of yarn. 

Crochet Coasters

Crochet Gnome Patterns

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