Easy Toilet Paper Pumpkins in Less Than 30 Minutes

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If you have extra fall fabric and want a simple no sew project for fall decor, these toilet paper pumpkins are an easy project and super cute for your fireplace mantel.   Let’s get started creating our easy toilet paper pumpkins. 

These fabric pumpkins are an easy Halloween craft. They are the cutest pumpkins to celebrate the fall season. These are cuter than anything you will find in a craft store, and you probably have all the supplies at home.

Craft Supplies You Need

Toilet Paper Pumpkins Directions

Creating these charming and adorable pumpkins is incredibly simple. What’s even better is that you can craft a DIY toilet paper roll pumpkin using whatever materials you have readily available.

Additionally, use up the stash of fall fabric you had from last year or a solid color of fabric that you love for fall. You might even discover some of the necessary supplies at your nearby dollar store.

The first step is to take your roll of toilet paper and loosen a few rolls of the tissue paper.  That will help your pumpkin shape look fuller and give you pumpkin a more rounded shape.

Additionally, you can take off some of the toilet paper sheets if you want different sizes of pumpkins. If you have rolls that are halfway finished, you can use those to make these easy pumpkins. Use what you have on hand. 

Then, position your fabric with the right side facing down and center it over the center of the toilet paper roll. If you find the fabric to be oversized or if there’s an excess when you position it at the top of the pumpkin, feel free to trim it accordingly.

Now you want to take part of your fabric and place in the center of the pumpkin. You want to fold slightly to make the center of the fabric lay in one direction like the picture below.  You can put a tad bit of hot glue in the middle of your paper rolls to hold your DIY toilet paper pumpkin in place. 

toilet paper pumpkins

As you can see with my toilet paper roll pumpkin craft you can use twine and go around your pumpkin bring the ends to the middle of the inside of the roll to make the shape of the pumpkins. 

You can twist your burlap to make the stem of the pumpkin, or you can use cinnamon sticks for a pleasant smell for your pumpkin’s stem.

You can also use a small stick from your yard for your stem if that is what you have available. Use your hot glue gun to hold your stem in place for this easy fall craft.  

Additionally, you can also add a piece of twine to add a little extra to your cute pumpkins

Next you need to make your leaves. Cut a 1-2″ strip of burlap and notch the ends. Make it look like leaves and take the middle and put a little bit in the inside of the toilet paper roll.

Use a bit of glue to hold it in place. You can use green burlap or brown burlap. Just make sure all your pieces are in the toilet paper tube. 

This simple craft is the perfect fall DIY project.  Here are some other pumpkin crafts that can be sewn to add to your fall decor in just minutes. Happy crafting my friend. 

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