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Quilt Binding Calculator With Easy Directions


If you are trying to figure out how much binding you need for a quilt, here is our quilt binding calculator we use on all of our quilt projects.

Additionally, if you haven’t done binding on a quilt before, we have a guide on how to sew binding on a quilt.

We love the simplicity of this and the mitered corners that are great for beginners and looks great on any quilt.

Quilt Binding Calculator

Quilt Binding Calculator

Quilt Binding Calculator

Alright, let’s break this down in a more casual way:

  1. First up, grab your measuring tape and size up your quilt. Note down its width and length – gotta make sure we get those measurements right!
  2. Now, you gotta decide on the width of your binding straps. You can either go with a standard width or get creative with a custom size. But hold up, before you make that call, think about how you’re gonna attach the binding to your quilt. That decision might affect how wide your binding looks in the end.
  3. Next, you gotta choose the type of binding you want: straight tape or bias tape. Straight tape is great for simple edges, while bias tape is more flexible and works well on curves.
  4. Once you’ve settled on that, it’s time to figure out how much fabric you need for your binding. Input the width you want, and we’ll do the math for you.
  5. If you’re going for straight binding, measure the edge where you’ll be cutting those straps. Easy peasy.
  6. But if you’re leaning towards bias binding, measure the shorter edge of your fabric. That’ll give you the best results.
  7. Now, once you’ve got all that info, it’s decision time! Take a look at the result and decide what’s next:
  • If you’re going with straight binding, it’s time to break out the scissors and sewing machine.
  • If you’ve opted for bias tape, think about the shape of your fabric and how to get the best strips. Then, get to work creating that binding.

And there you have it – you’re on your way to adding that perfect finishing touch to your quilt!

Quilt Binding Strips

use a quilt binding calculator to create this gold quilt binding strips
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Hey there! So, you’re thinking about adding that final personal touch to your quilt, right? Sure, you could just buy some binding tape, but where’s the fun in that?

Why not make your own? It’s not as tricky as it sounds!

Here’s the scoop on making your own binding: First off, you’ll want to grab some fabric that’s not too stretchy. Then, cut it into long strips and sew them together to create one long tape. Easy peasy.

Now, when it comes to cutting the fabric, you’ve got a couple of options. You can either cut along the fabric’s yarn direction for straight binding, or you can cut along the bias of the material for bias binding.

What’s the difference? Well, bias binding is great for those curved edges because it stretches nicely and wears better over time. But hey, straight binding has its perks too!

Before you decide, take a moment to think about how the design on your fabric will look when it’s all condensed into a thin strip.

After all, you want your binding to complement your quilt’s style, right?

Quilt Patterns

Once you complete this quilt, take some time and look at the 3 yard quilt patterns and fat quarter quilt patterns for easy quilt patterns that you can easily complete in 1–2 weekends.

Make sure and check out the patterns above, The 3 yard quilt patterns only use 3 fabrics and simple cutting. If this is one of your first quilts, it makes it easy.

So many of the intricate quilts you see in Facebook groups are complicated and require precise cutting and sewing. These allow for wiggle room to not be perfect.

colorful blocks of a patchwork quilt making easy quilt patterns. Download our quilt binding calculator to finish it
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