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Easy Fabric Phone Case Pattern-15 minute Project

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You have invested hundreds of dollars in your phone, and you have a case, but if you want to protect your camera in your purse, this fabric phone case pattern is just the answer.

With cotton fabric that is quilted (easier than you think) plus fleece batting inside, you will easily protect your investment. The best part is, you also get to show off your personality.

Don’t forget to download the full tutorial in our sewing pattern library. If you haven’t accessed it yet, you can do that below.

Supplies for Fabric Phone Case Pattern

Directions for Your Fabric Phone Case Pattern

Wash and iron your fabric if you haven’t already to make sure that your phone case doesn’t shrink after you make it.

This pattern will fit most cell phones, but if you use an Otter Box or large phone protector, you may need to adjust the fabric phone case pattern.

First, you want to lay out your fabric and cut 1 piece 5×10″ for the outside piece of your fabric phone case pattern and do the same for your coordinating lining.

fabric phone case pattern
Photo Credit: Nanasewing.com

Next, cut your batting 5×10″. For convenience, I have linked the batting I used above. You can also use fusible foam, but do take note that it can be difficult to work with and too thick for your phone. If you are going to use foam for more protection, you will need to adjust your fabric phone case pattern.

Third, place your batting on the wrong side of the outside fabric (the ugly side) and then put those pieces with the right sides of the outside fabric onto the right side of the lining piece.

Next, you want to sew around that with a 1/2″ seam allowance, leaving around a 1-2″ opening to pull the fabric through as stated in the PDF Fabric phone case pattern.

If you are doing the quilting option, you will want to quilt before sewing.

Fifth, start by pulling the fabric through, ensuring a smooth and even pattern. Then, take your bone folder and gently press it against each corner, ensuring they become sharp and well-defined, resulting in a professional finish.

Use your iron if needed to make sure your pieces are lined up and ready for top stitching.

Additionally, as seen on your fabric phone case pattern, sew the top edge of the top of your case using a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Sixth, fold in half and sew along the edge, top stitching down one side and the bottom. You can use a contrasting thread or a coordinating thread.

fabric phone case pattern
Photo Credit: Nanasewing.com

Finally, you can add fusible Velcro or add a snap at the end below your topstitching to keep your phone case closed.

You will want to adjust the width of your fabric phone case pattern if you have an Otter box case. It’s a good idea to measure your phone to make sure the measurements work for your phone.

Quilter’s Option

You can quilt your fabric and batting using your decorative stitching or your quilting machine.

fabric phone case pattern
Photo Credit: Nanasewing.com

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