Patterns For Tote Bags including these 3 patterns with zipper tops

7 Easy and Free Patterns For Tote Bags To Sew


Today we are giving you 7 great option for patterns for tote bags that are so practical for everyday uses. You will find classic tote bags with exterior pockets and interior pockets. 

Each bag included a free tote bag pattern. Make sure and show each designer some love by leaving a comment if you download the pattern. Below is a great place to find a new favorite tote bag.  

Many are a great way to use leftover fabric and add your own personal touches to fit your needs. 

Sewing Supplies:

Quilted Tote Bag Pattern

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Free Pattern: Quilted Tote Bag Pattern

I had a ton of extra fabric and designed this simple tote bag by simply sewing strips of different fabrics together. You can add a solid lining fabric or make it reversible by simply doing the pattern twice. 

​Additionally, you can make it different sizes by adjusting your pattern pieces strips. We have included detailed instructions and don’t forget to grab your rotary cutters because you will find it easy to cut your strips and fabric straps.

I use it all the time for going to the grocery store and made another one for my bible study supplies. These are such easy tote bags that are super cute when you use contrasting fabric. 

Patchwork Tote Bag Pattern

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Free pattern: Patchwork Tote Bag Pattern

Hey, sewers, if you’re all about spacious carryalls with a touch of patchwork charm, you’re in for a treat with this pattern. Imagine a tote that not only holds a ton of stuff but also showcases panels crafted with the beauty of patchwork. 

And the best part? It won’t cost you a dime – the pattern is absolutely FREE! It’s a win-win for those who love both functionality and a touch of DIY flair.

The beauty of this pattern lies not just in its generosity but also in its adaptability. With instructions for a slip pocket on the lining inside, you have the freedom to customize this simple yet versatile design.

 Feel free to add pockets of your choice inside and out, turning this tote into your perfect organizational companion. Crafted from 9 fat quarters, the finished product measures a roomy 15″ x 5″ x 15. 

Susan, our trusty reviewer, gave it the stamp of approval, highlighting its versatility as a great tote for everyday use or the ideal travel companion for a weekend trip. The clear instructions and the fat quarter bundle make fabric coordination a breeze.

So, whether you’re a seasoned DIY diva or just starting on your creative journey, this tote pattern is calling your name.

Grab those fat quarters, follow Susan’s lead, and create a patchwork masterpiece that not only carries your essentials but also adds a touch of handmade charm to your daily adventures!

Reversible Tote Bag Pattern

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Free Pattern: Reversible Tote Bag Pattern

If you’re on the lookout for a project that’s both enjoyable and practical, you’re in for a treat with the Quilted Back and Forth Reversible Tote Bag. 

Designed by the talented duo Joanie Holton and Melanie Greseth of Tailormade by Design, this FREE pdf sewing pattern, shared through the American Patchwork & Quilting website, offers a delightful crafting experience. Picture this: not just one, but two bags in one, thanks to its reversible design.

The beauty of this project lies in its versatility and fun factor. As the designer points out, the only trouble you’ll face with this reversible, tie-closure bag is deciding which way to wear it! 

The use of printed stripes fabric in the example provides the appearance of pieced strips without the time investment, but the possibilities are endless with any fabric of your choice. 

Jackie, our pattern explorer, took it up a notch by using two different patterns for her reversible bag. Her verdict? She absolutely loved it! 

The instructions were simple to follow, and the compliments she receives when she wears it out in public are the cherry on top.

So, if you’re ready for a sewing adventure that combines style with practicality, grab that pdf pattern, choose your fabrics, and get ready to stitch up a Quilted Back and Forth Reversible Tote Bag that’s bound to turn heads wherever you go!

Grocery Tote Bag Pattern

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Free Pattern: Grocery Tote Bag Pattern

If you’re on a mission to reduce waste and jazz up your grocery shopping routine and ditch the plastic bags, the Reusable Grocery Bags free sewing pattern by Amaryllis Lane is your go-to solution. 

This practical bag pattern offers not one but two sizes of excellent, reversible grocery bags that are both cute and a breeze to make. It’s a win-win for the environment and your crafting skills! Such a great project for a weekend sewing project.

Imagine having the power to create a super unique and sturdy bag while making a positive impact on the environment.

This free pattern gives you just that – a chance to craft a reusable gem perfect for trips to the farmer’s market or as a stylish tote bag. 

Joann, our pattern explorer, attests to the ease of making these bags, dubbing them “sure easy” and highlighting their perfect fit for shopping or picking up items at the farmer’s market. She added an interior pocket for small items for her keys and change. 

In fact, the bags were such a hit that her daughter-in-law couldn’t resist requesting a set of her own after seeing them in action. She did request the lining pieces would be water proof which Joann easily did to the main compartment. 

So, seize the opportunity to make a statement with your crafting prowess while contributing to a greener planet with this PDF download. 

Grab that free pattern, gather your sewing supplies, and get ready to stitch up some Reusable Grocery Bags that not only serve a purpose but also add a touch of handmade charm to your sustainable shopping routine!

Simple Tote Bag Patterns

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Free Patterns: Simple Tote Bag Patterns

If simplicity with a touch of elegance is your style, Amy from ameroonie designs has a treat for you – the Simple Tote Bag FREE sewing tutorial. 

Amy gets it – sometimes you just need a straightforward tote that’s as practical as it is stylish. Whether it’s a trip to the library, piano classes, or shuttling papers back and forth from work, this tutorial guides you through creating a beautiful and useful tote. 

And here’s the icing on the cake – with canvas on the bottom, you get durability and added style points.

Imagine strolling around with this gorgeous tote, carrying all your necessities in a handmade masterpiece. Sarah, one of our crafty comrades, took on the challenge and loved the result so much that it became a gifting sensation. 

After completing the Simple Tote Bag, Sarah spread the love by giving them as Christmas and birthday gifts for an entire year.

It’s a testament to the universal appeal of this pattern – a classic design that resonates with everyone and makes for a thoughtful and practical gift.

So, if you’re in the mood for a project that combines simplicity, functionality, and a touch of handmade charm, dive into Amy’s tutorial.

Whether it’s for your own everyday use or to spread joy through thoughtful gifts, this Simple Tote Bag is bound to become a staple in your crafting repertoire!

Easy Tote Bag Pattern

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Free Pattern: Easy Tote Bag Pattern

If you’re on the lookout for a fun and stylish tote bag project, look no further than the Pepper Tote Bag FREE pdf sewing pattern by Clover and Violet. 

Described by the designer as a quick and enjoyable sewing venture, this tote boasts an exposed zipper, interior pockets, and a distinctive shape with gentle angles that add a touch of style. It’s the perfect blend of functionality and flair!

Clover and Violet didn’t stop at just one version of the Pepper Tote Bag – they went above and beyond, creating two unique renditions. One features six large hexagons, while the other introduces more smaller hexagons, adding a different dimension to the bag’s design. 

The choice between the two allows you to tailor the tote to your personal style and preferences. Plus, the sides of the tote boast a gentle angle, deviating from the typical square shape and infusing a bit more pizzazz into the final look.

What sets the second version apart is the use of glue basting, a technique the designer tried for the very first time. And the verdict? It worked like a charm! So, if you’re ready for a sewing adventure that promises a quick, stylish tote with a dash of hexagon magic, grab that free pdf pattern and let this cute bag become your next go-to accessory for both fashion and function!

Large Tote Bag Pattern

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Free Pattern: Large Tote Bag Pattern

Get ready for a fantastic sewing venture with the Modernista Tote Bag FREE tutorial from the creative minds at “We All Sew.” This isn’t just any tote – it’s a pretty and practical masterpiece that won’t cost you a dime with the tutorial being absolutely free. Now, that’s a deal you can’t resist!

Picture this: a tote bag that’s not only stylish but also incredibly functional. The Modernista Tote is spacious enough to hold your purse or wallet along with other daily essentials like your umbrella, tablet, cell phone, smaller items, and make-up bag – all without the fear of overflowing.

 It’s the ideal companion for your everyday adventures, combining both fashion and practicality seamlessly and we love the adjustable straps.

Now comes the fun part – picking out the perfect fabric colors to make your Modernista Tote uniquely yours. Whether you opt for bold and vibrant hues or subtle pastels, the choice is yours to make. The tutorial provides the framework, and your creativity takes center stage.

The designer introduces a cool twist with her example bag – the leather-look shoulder straps and base are crafted from kraft•tex™ paper. It’s a washable material that cuts and sews just like fabric, adding a touch of modernity and durability to your tote. 

So, gather your favorite fabrics, unleash your inner designer, and dive into this free tutorial to create your own bag that’s not just a practical accessory but a stylish statement of your crafting prowess!

We hope you loved all these free tote bag sewing patterns. Whether you are looking for a market tote or the perfect tote for everyday, we have no doubt with your sewing machine you will create your perfect bag. 

Each pattern includes sewing instructions and the best thing is you will have a unique simple design tote bag whether this is your first bag or would consider yourself an experience sewer skill level. 

You will love more free bag patterns which we have included below. 

Tote Bag Patterns

Free Tote Patterns

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