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Sew Like A Pro: 10 Essential Sewing Supplies For Beginners!


Sewing can be so much fun, but there are 10 essential sewing supplies I believe every beginner needs. You don’t want to be in the middle of a project and find yourself needing something, and you don’t have it.

I am going to give you my 10 essential sewing tools and if you think of any others, please leave them in the comments below.

10 Sewing supplies for beginners

Here’s my list, beginning with my #1 recommended suggestion.

Sewing machine

There are a few sewing projects you can create manually or with a handheld sewing machine, but most need a sewing machine. I have compared 9 that are affordable.

If you are a beginner sewer, looking to get into sewing, a sewing machine is an essential tool to have in your sewing supplies.

A sewing machine simplifies the time it takes to create your sewing project, making it faster and more efficient, especially when compared to hand stitching.

Not only does it save time, but it also creates a more professional-looking finish. Additionally, a sewing machine can handle a variety of fabrics, from light, delicate materials to heavier, more durable fabrics, giving you the ability to create various projects from various fabrics.

The sewing machines now are super user-friendly making the learning curve less than it has been in the past. You can also find plenty of tutorials on YouTube when you have questions.

Sewing supplies


It’s very difficult to cut out fabric without a good pair of scissors. Here’s the pair I use which I got from Amazon. Just a note about scissors, you want to make sure your fabric scissors are used only for fabric and NOT to cut out paper.

The paper quickly dulls scissors, and believe me, you can ruin some fabric with dull scissors. A little trick I use is I hide my fabric scissors from my husband, who seems to always use them for paper. I did the same when my kids were small.

Seam ripper

Have you used a seam ripper yet? If you haven’t, you will. You want to make sure you have a sharp one. A seam ripper helps take out seams. I use it when my sewing machine makes an oops, or I do something wrong. I always keep on by my sewing machine. Here’s one I like on Amazon.

Fabric clips and fabric pins

I wrote an entire article on Fabric clips vs pins. I use both daily, and it depends on the project which one I choose.

Certain fabrics like silk can be damaged when you use fabric pins. I like the smaller clips that open easily, and you can find both here.

sewing supplies


Your sewing machine probably came with a needle, but depending on your fabric and sewing project, you will want a variety of needles. I have a free sewing machine needle guide on which needle to choose, you can find it HERE.

Don’t make the mistake I made the other day and use the wrong needle. You can see in the video, the needle was actually bent in half when I used the wrong one on the denim fabric.


Most of the time, you can use the basic polyester blend thread. I do use cotton thread on items that will be getting heat placed on them, like pot holders and hot pads.

A little time-saver trick is I buy extra bobbins and wind a bobbin on that color and organize it in the holder below. I typically have 2-3 white bobbins as that is the color I use the most. It saves time when I am on a sewing project.

I also double-check my sewing bobbin before sewing a project to see if it needs to be changed. I HATE running out of bobbins while I am sewing.

Measuring tape

I used to use the measuring tape that was plastic and rolled up. I now love acrylic measuring tapes like this. They don’t slide or need something to hold them into place. I also love my mini tape.

I typically use a small one for measuring and a larger one to cut fabric straight. I recently bought a weight to hold it down, which helps when I am cutting with my rotary cutter.


You definitely need an iron. I love this set as it is small and can be used on a table. It also has a place to hold your iron to keep everyone from getting burned.

Here are the best sewing irons with pros and cons to help you find the one best for you.

sewing supplies


If you are a beginner, you will need some fabric. Cotton is the most popular and easiest to use. It’s the most forgiving if you make a mistake.

It also comes in a variety of patterns and colors I have listed some of my favorites here, but you can also check with Hobby Lobby if you have one in your area as they put fabric 40% off every other week.


Finally, you need a pattern. We have created a PDF pattern for every project we put on the blog. You can also find patterns at Etsy or Hobby Lobby.

I would love to hear what you would add to the list of sewing supplies for beginners. Leave them in the comments

Sewing Practice Sheets

It may be helpful to practice your sewing lines before you start a project.

sewing practice sheets

Essential Sewing Supplies

I don’t know about you but the best place to buy sewing supplies online is Amazon. I love the free shipping and they have so many options. If you want to shop locally, type Sewing supplies near me in Google.

Here’s a concise sewing supplies list from above

Easy sewing projects

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