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5 Best Cutting Table for Sewing

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As a beginner sewer, you may be using your kitchen table as your sewing area, but if you are ready to upgrade a room or work surface, what is the best cutting table for your space? Let’s look at some pros and cons of a few that you can order on Amazon. 

Things to consider when looking for the best cutting table

An ideal cutting table should be at least six feet long, three feet wide, and four feet high, with storage shelves and a storage drawer underneath to hold sewing and ironing supplies, fabric, and other essential sewing items.

However, due to the large size, it may not fit in most home sewing areas. Many home sewers resort to cutting patterns on kitchen or dining tables, which is not always ideal.

To determine the best height for a cutting table, it is recommended to purchase a table with adjustable legs. Counter height is generally considered the right height for cutting fabric, which is roughly the same height as a kitchen counter.

The weight and construction material of a cutting table significantly impacts its durability. A lighter table may be easier to transport and good for limited space but it can be more prone to lateral movement and vibrations.

A high-gauge heavy-duty steel cutting table is the recommended choice as it offers a stable and long-lasting working surface.

The construction materials used for the table’s surface is also crucial, as it should be a steady, smooth surface capable of withstanding punishment. Each material has distinctive characteristics that set it apart from the others, and many cutting tables have protective coatings to reduce water damage and protect against corrosion.

Let’s jump in and look at a few of the best cutting table as picked by other who sew. 

Best Cutting Table

 Ready Studio Designs Sew Ready Adjustable Premium Cutting Table 

Best cutting table

This is our first pick today. You can purchase it on Amazon, and it’s less than $200.  

The Studio Designs best cutting table is the ideal cutting table for all sewers. Its user-friendly design makes it an ideal choice for a new cutting table.

The table is equipped with a sewing grid that includes radial lines, angles, centimeters, and inches, making it easier to sew and quilt, especially when the YouTube video has measurements in centimeters.

In addition, it has adjustable height as an added bonus, and the extending top can be raised or lowered to reduce back strain. The table is also foldable, and the caster wheels make it easy to move around or store when not in use, making it the best cutting table and good option for a small space.

A great feature is the heavy duty metal storage boxes located under the center top that keep your tools within easy reach, ensuring you have everything you need to complete your projects.

Overall, the Studio Designs cutting table is the best cutting table for a beginner sewer who doesn’t have much space, needs storage capacity and needs a table at a great price. 


  • Helpful guides and grids
  • Dual casters that are both movable and safe
  • Adjustable table legs


  • Hard to assemble (according to reviews)

Studio Designs Sew Ready Standing Height Craft / Cutting Table

best cutting table

The Sew Ready cutting table is constructed with a thick MDF top and a powder-coated aluminum frame for the surface of the table, and includes sturdy baskets for easy storage.

This table is an excellent investment for sewers who desire precise cutting on a variety of materials. With a height of over thirty-six inches, you can work comfortably in a standing position for extended periods of time, without  your legs or back hurting from hunching over.

The table’s six rotating wheels make it easy to move to your desired location, and four of them have a locking mechanism to keep it in place during use. 

The bottom shelf of the table is beautifully crafted and extends the entire depth of the table, providing ample storage space for your die-cutting machine and other crafting or sewing supplies. This is perfect for a sewing craft table.

Overall, the Sew Ready cutting table is a great addition to any sewing/crafting space, offering both functionality and durability. Its sturdy surface, ample storage, and adjustable height make it the best cutting table for anyone looking to improve their cutting accuracy and overall workspace.


  • Two Slide-Out Wire Mesh Drawers
  • Bottom Shelf for Storage
  • Easily Folds to 12-1/4″ Wide
  • Six Casters for Mobility with Four Locking
  • Can Be Used to Cut Fabric or as an Extra Workspace for Craft Projects

Sullivans 38431 Home Hobby Adjustable Height Foldable Table

Best cutting table

This is the right cutting table for you if you want a table you can expand when needed but then fold and tuck away.  It’s one of our top picks for a sewing or crafting table. 

The Sullivans foldable cutting table is a versatile option for a range of sewing operations, including fabric cutting, pattern layout, doing paper crafts, quilting, and more. With a large flat surface area, this table is perfect for working on large projects, and the folding panels make it easy to spread out patterns and fabric.

When not in use, this new sewing table can be folded down to a compact size of 17 1/2 x 35 4.5 inches, making it easy to store in smaller spaces. The table’s height can be adjusted from 28 to 38 inches, providing flexibility thus making it the best sewing table if you have several people sewing in your home

.Thanks to its simple and safe design, the Sullivans foldable sewing cutting table allows for fabric to be cut up to ninety percent faster than with scissors or with a rotary cutter.

Overall, this table is the best cutting table for anyone looking for a good workspace but you don’t have a dedicated workspace.


  • Easy to fold and is compact
  • Great metal frame offers more resistance
  • Amazing for larger projects or large patterns


  • Not the most stylish table but better than using your dining table

Arrow K8405 Wallaby Kangaroo Cutting Table (Teak finish)

best cutting table

The Arrow cutting table is an excellent option for sewers looking to improve the efficiency and speed of their cloth cutting process. It serves as a convenient storage workstation for your sewing machine and serger, keeping everything you need within easy reach.

The table is simple to assemble, with a sturdy construction that is both portable and functional, featuring two drawers and multiple storage compartments for storing small items.

The cutting table is designed to work seamlessly with specific machine inserts, providing a complete flush work surface that enhances efficiency and comfort. With a large lift opening capable of supporting up to 55 pounds, it can accommodate most large sewing machines available on the market.

The table also includes a wooden panel that can be placed over the sewing area, increasing the table size or could be used as an ironing table with a pad.

Overall, the Arrow cutting table is an excellent investment for any serious sewer who has a good place to set up a sewing room, providing a practical and efficient workspace that enhances the quality and speed of your work.

With its sturdy construction, ample storage, and functional design, it is a ready-made table for any sewing room.

Arrow Sewing Furniture Kookaburra Cutting Table Cutting, Quilting, Art and Crafting Table with Storage, Teak & Ash White Finish

best cutting table

This is the perfect cutting table if you have ample space but also want a good table that if needed can be folded up. This table will surprise you with the space it has.

Taking a closer look it has a smooth surface in several areas with the center panel for your sewing machine and the short sections to hold your supplies and provide more workspace.  Watch the video on Amazon to see all that it can do. 

All of the tables we have mentioned have free shipping and most have built-in storage. I have no doubt you will find the best fabric-cutting table with a little bit of research and knowing the type of table that fits your needs.

Until then, the good news is that the dining room table is hopefully available, and although not the perfect height for cutting fabric, it works with a cutting mat until you can get the sewing cabinet that meets your needs. 

Let me know in the comments what you think the best cutting table is

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