DIY fabric baskets
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Easy DIY Fabric baskets tutorial for storage in 30 minutes


There are so many uses for fabric baskets. If you have bought baskets lately, you know they can be expensive, so in today’s tutorial, we are going to make our own fabric basket. DIY Fabric baskets are easy to make and are a great way to organize your sewing room, bathroom, or living room. 

I promise you will become addicted to making these easy fabric storage baskets. If you are ready, let’s get to the craft room and start sewing. 

DIY fabric baskets
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DIY Fabric baskets supplies

DIY Fabric baskets instructions

In the PDF Tutorial, I give you different sizes from XS-XL. The measurements for the bottom corners are in the PDF tutorial. 

In this free tutorial, we are making a small fabric bin, with the top of the basket in contrasting outer fabric.  You will have so much fun making these fabric storage containers

1. First, you want to cut out your pattern, making sure you cut your bottom pieces. For the small basket, You want to cut out 4 pieces of fabric that are 13×13″ and cut your corners 3×3″

DIY Fabric basket
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2. Next, you want to cut out a piece of interfacing for both sides of your inner lining and outer pieces and apply it to the wrong side on each. I use fusible interfacing, so there is no need to sew the interfacing. It’s the perfect way to get strength in your fabric without adding more sewing. 

3. Next, with the right sides together, you are going to stitch the outer fabric down each side seam and across the bottom with a 1/2-inch seam allowance.

DIY Fabric basket
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4. For the lining fabric, you will sew 1 side, the bottom, and on the other side leave about a 1/2″ opening to turn your bag. 

5. After you have sewn those initial seams, you want to create boxed corners by matching your seams on the bottom after ironing and stitching across a 5/8″ seam allowance. 

​6. Cut off the excess on your boxed seam. 

PS Boxed seams help the side of the basket and bottom stand up 

7. Next, you want to connect your exterior fabric with your inner lining using sewing clips or fabric pins together and sewing the top edge. 

DIY Fabric basket pattern
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When finished, you will put the fabric through the opening and sew the opening closed.  Finally, turn down the top about 1/2″ to show the contrasting lining. You can top stitch the edge of the contrasting fabric 

DIY Fabric Baskets video

Easy Sewing Patterns

Here are our top 5 easy sewing patterns

Ways to use the DIY Fabric baskets

This makes great gifts. It’s perfect for gift baskets filled with gifts. 

Sewing Basket

The DIY Fabric baskets are a versatile and practical storage solution that can be used in various settings. One of its most adorable uses is in the sewing room, where it can serve as a fabric storage bin for fat quarter scraps, fabric strips, or squares of fabric. With its appealing design, the basket adds a charming touch to any sewing room décor while keeping things neat and organized.

Additionally, the basket comes in a smaller version that is perfect for organizing small items such as measuring tapes and other basic sewing supplies. When working on sewing projects, it can also serve as a handy organizer to keep everything in its proper place. With this basket, you can work on your sewing projects without worrying about misplacing your tools or losing your progress.

The sewing basket is not only practical, but also aesthetically pleasing. Its cute design adds a touch of elegance to your sewing room and makes it more inviting. The basket’s sturdy construction ensures that it can withstand the wear and tear of daily use, making it a durable and reliable storage solution.

Craft storage

Crafting enthusiasts often have a multitude of supplies, such as fabrics, papers, and tools, that require storage to keep them organized and accessible. Fortunately, a cute basket can provide functional and charming storage solutions for craft supplies.

For instance, if you are a crafter, you can use smaller baskets to store your supplies or pieces of fabric that you are working with. The baskets’ compact size makes them ideal for holding items such as threads, scissors, needles, and other crafting tools that need to be within easy reach. With the basket’s help, you can keep your workspace neat and tidy, allowing you to focus on your crafting projects.

On the other hand, if you are storing larger items such as scrapbook paper or a paper cutter, you will need a bigger basket. These baskets provide ample space to hold bulky and awkwardly shaped items that would otherwise be difficult to store. With a larger basket, you can keep your supplies organized and easily accessible, without having to worry about them getting lost or damaged.

Furthermore, baskets can also serve as decorative accents that add personality and style to your crafting space. You can choose baskets in various colors, shapes, and textures that complement your décor and reflect your unique sense of style. The baskets can also be used to store finished projects, giving your crafting space a warm and inviting feel.

Easter Basket

 This would also make the perfect Easter basket that could be personalized.  Simply use some fun fabrics and then place easter eggs inside the little basket. The small basket is probably the right size for the Easter basket but you could do them in smaller or larger sizes. 

​Fabric storage cubes for babies

Finally, it makes a great organizer basket for baby items. Diapers, wipes, and all the little things a baby needs. You could use some pop of color on the outside fabric or your favorite patterns for babies.  It an then transition with the baby as they get older and have small toys that no one wants to step on. 

Care for your DIY Fabric baskets

Simply throw the basket in the washing machine and then the dryer. 

You can download the DIY Fabric baskets tutorial below. It includes step by step instructions and has different basket sizes from XS-XL. No doubt you can find the perfect size for using the sturdy fabric basket in all areas of your house.  This easy tutorial and simple pattern make the perfect handmade basket.

Looking for more sewing tutorials? Here are some easy ones for beginners.

DIY fabric baskets
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