learn how to sew a potholder with a 4 square fabric potholder
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How to sew a potholder: free quick and simple pattern


Are your kitchen potholders (hot pads) looking a little worn out? It is easier than you think to make square potholders that match your kitchen decor. Here are a few reasons to consider making new ones, especially since they are an indispensable part of the kitchen:

  • Safety: Potholders are an important safety tool in the kitchen, as they protect your hands from hot pots and pans. If your potholders are worn out, torn, or burned, they may not be as effective in protecting your hands. 
  • Hygiene: Over time, potholders can accumulate bacteria and food particles, which can make them unhygienic to use. Sewing new potholders allows you to start fresh with a clean and sanitary kitchen accessory.
  • Aesthetics: Potholders can add a touch of color and personality to your kitchen. Sewing your own potholders allows you to choose fabrics and designs that match your personal style and taste.
  • Cost-effective: Sewing your own potholders can be a cost-effective way to replace worn-out or outdated kitchen accessories. You can choose fabrics and materials that fit your budget, and you can customize the size and shape of your potholders to suit your needs.

The standard size of a potholder is 7″ but the front of this DIY potholder will measure 8 inches.  They are adorable patchwork potholders with an easy potholder tutorial that anyone can make. If you want a small potholder or even a mini potholder, simply make your back piece and front pieces smaller when cutting.

Don’t forget to download the FREE DIY pot holder tutorial below that takes you step by step through making them. 

This tutorial is an easy project to make, and super cute, if you have pieces of fabric you can simply use scrap fabrics. Each potholder measures 8×8” 

Supplies for Potholder

I have linked all the supplies so that if you need any, you can get them on Amazon Prime. 

These are affiliate links and I do make a small commission if you purchase from my links, but I find the best deals for you.

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These are the general instructions. The tutorial has photos and step-by-step directions.

First, you need to cut 4 squares of fabric measuring  8×8 inch squares. Three of the squares will be the same color and 1 will be a contrasting color.  You can absolutely use scrap fabric or a piece of fabric you have available. 

Next, you need to cut 1 square of the heat-resistant interfacing. I have seen in other blog posts that people use quilt batting and pieces of cotton batting, but I like the batting layers of this square pot holder to have the heat resistant material, so I have no worry about burning myself

In the third step, you will pin the bottom layer together. 2 colors should be the same with the interfacing in the middle. Your outside pieces should be the right sides showing. 

In the fourth step, you are going to sew diagonally the bottom in both directions and then stitch around it with a straight edge stitch. This will make a quilt sandwich, making sure your interfacing stays in place

The 5th step is assembly. You will want to take your contrasting color fabric and weave it with your last square to make 4 squares. 

You will want to use sewing clips or pins to hold the fabric in place and sew around, making sure to back stitch at the beginning and end.  Don’t forget to trim threads when finished.

How to make a pot holder

Finally, turn the middle pieces through to see your potholder. You can top stitch your outer edge with a straight line if you want a little more fun touch to the potholder. 

Because you used heat-resistant interfacing, you won’t have any problems using your new potholder with hot dishes. 

These make an excellent gift for a wedding shower gift. You could simply add a tea towel to go with it. If you love having a hanging loop, you can add that too. Don’t forget to download the free potholder pattern for this easy sewing project.

Video tutorial for potholder

PS don’t forget to pick up the free pattern for the best pot holders made with fun fabrics and with the best batting, so you don’t burn yourself.


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