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Sunglass case: Easy DIY sewing pattern in 30 minutes


You love your sunglasses and want to protect them in your purse, briefcase or laptop case. This is easily done with our Sunglass case pattern

This sunglass class is super easy to make and makes a great gift or create several sunglass cases for selling on Etsy or a craft show. You will find the free pattern on our website. You will find the free tutorial in our sewing library. 

Sunglass case supplies

Sunglass case instructions

You can simply use the gorgeous fabric scraps you have lying around. The good news is it doesn’t take much fabric. I love this easy tutorial and love using contrasting fabrics instead of just a solid color for the case.

Begin by cutting out your outside fabric, lining fabric, and fusible fleece or fusible foam. Your outside fabric and lining fabric are both 5×9″.  Your fleece or fusible flex foam will be 4×8″. 

Secondly, you want to iron your fusible fleece or foam onto your main fabric piece or lining side, making sure you center it. 

sunglass case
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Next, on your outside fabric, you will want to mark your 1/2-inch seam allowance using your fabric markers.

If you haven’t used them before, when you heat the lines with iron or wash them, they disappear. This makes it easier to sew straight lines as you simply follow the line. 

Fourth, sew down each side seam following your straight line and down both ends. Don’t forget to leave a small opening around 1-2″ opening so that you can pull your pattern pieces through.  

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Before you turn it make sure and trim your corners to help have a professional-looking edge on each corner

Fifth, turn your main fabric pieces so that each right side is showing. Use a bone folder or chopstick to poke each corner and side seams so that you have a rectangle-finished look. 

Sixth, you want to sew the top edge of your sunglass case pattern.  You may want to iron your front piece before sewing if it looks wrinkled. 

Men's sunglass case
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The last step is that you want to top stitch down your side seam and bottom edges, making sure to back stitch when you start and finish. 

Your sunglass case pattern is now ready to use, and you have beautiful handmade pieces for your sunglasses, reading glasses or any pair of new glasses.

To finish it off, you can add a piece of Velcro or magnetic snap to keep your glasses from slipping out.

We would love to see your creation in our Facebook group, which we hope you will join. 

Sunglass Case Video

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Don’t forget to download the step-by-step instructions from our sewing library. The free sewing pattern is there with other easy sewing projects.  

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The next time you get new glasses, or you know someone who would love a handmade gift, the sunglass case is a great idea and the perfect gift for anyone who wants to protect their sunglasses. 

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