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DIY Tortilla Warmer: Easy 30-Minute Project


I have used a styrofoam tortilla warmer forever until my husband accidentally put it on a hot burner and nearly caused a fire.  

Decided we needed a way to warm tortillas that could be put in the microwave. I created this DIY tortilla warmer that is very easy and great for flour tortillas or corn tortillas.

Taco Night or Taco Tuesday just became quicker to get on the table.

DIY Tortilla warmer
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Supplies for DIY Tortilla Warmer

Directions for DIY Tortilla Warmer

The first thing you need to do is cut out 4 fabric circles and 2 batting circles from the batting pattern. You can do a contrasting color scheme, like I did in my video, or use the same colors. It’s really up to your own preference.

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Next, you want to fold one of your fabric circles in half, making sure you get a really good crease that you can see. You want to place your batting on the wrong side of one piece of your fabric and then make fabric sandwiches, creating 2 separate sets of circles. 

Third, make sure your batting is on the bottom, followed by the wrong side of your lining fabric and then the right side of your main fabric. You want to create 2 of these.

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Fourth, you want to sew around the raw edge of your DIY Tortilla warmer on only half of your layers of fabric. Remember to do both pieces of your fabric tortilla warmers.

Fifth, you want to turn your pieces of fabric and make sure all your edges are crisp using your bone folder or a chopstitck. 

Sixth, you want to place your 2 right side of the fabrics on top of each other and then sew around the edge fabric using a 1/4″ seam allowance or scant seam allowance and sew the open half of your DIY tortilla warmer where your folding spot is.  

Don’t forget to backstitch at the beginning and ending of your DIY tortilla warmer. 

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How to care for DIY tortilla warmer

You can place your fabric warmers into your washing machine. Wash as normal and dry as normal. 

Heating tortillas with your DIY tortilla warmer

You simply need to place any sort of tortilla into your warmer pouch and place in your microwave oven for 30 seconds. Depending on which size and type of tortillas you use, you may have to adjust your time. 

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Cloth tortilla warmers are great for homemade flour tortillas, 10-inch burrito-sized tortillas, 6-inch tortillas, or soft tortillas. They keep your tortillas warm and prevent soggy tortillas or excess moisture. 

Simply heat tortillas and add in your fajita meat, a side of fresh salsa or carne asade, a bottle of salsa, sour cream, or any other great item and load up your dinner plates with your fajitas or tacos and enjoy.

More beginner sewing projects along with video tutorials are available in our sewing class library, including the DIY tortilla warmer pattern. You can see all the patterns in the library here. 

Gift ideas for your DIY tortilla warmer

These make a great hostess gift, festive gift basket for Cinco de Mayo or make them for a craft fair or to see on Etsy. 

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