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Easy 10 Minute Table Runner For Beginners


I wanted some cute spring decor for my table and came across this video on a 10 minute table runner.

I thought that sounded a little crazy, but low and behold you can make a 10 minute table runner.  It’s such a great project with a center panel which is your feature fabric and a border fabric.

If it takes you a few more minutes no worries, you can easily make this table runner in an hour or less and it’s so versatile.

Change the fabric  choices and you will have a totally different look. 

This makes a great gift. I love a quick gift that I can do and use my surplus fabric stash. 

Sewing Supplies

10 Minute Table Runner Instructions

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First, cut your centerpiece fabric to measure at least 9 inches by 44 inches or width of fabric, or extend the length if your dining table is large.

As for the border, prepare a fabric piece measuring 18 inches by 44 inches, adjusting the length as needed.

Afterwards, trim a piece of interfacing or batting to match the dimensions of your center fabric piece.

Adhere it to your centerpiece according to the instructions provided with your interfacing.

If opting for batting, we recommend using Quilt basting glue to secure it in position.

Align the right side pieces of fabric, then stitch one side of your center fabric piece to your long sides of your border with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Ensure you sew along the long side of the two fabrics. 

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Following this, press seam towards the border (the larger piece of fabric).

In case you are wondering you don’t have to use different fabrics.

This easy sewing project can easily be one color and looks great on your dining room table.

Next, fold your long piece of fabric over the center piece (with right sides together), securing it in place with pins or sewing clips.

Along the long side, sew with a 1/4″ seam allowance, remembering to back stitch at the beginning and end. 

Once sewn, proceed to press the seams flat using your iron. You are half way finished with this easy table runner.

Afterwards, flip your pieces inside out and carefully iron them, ensuring that your border maintains an equal size on both sides of your centerpiece fabric.

Utilize a sliding ruler to verify your measurements accurately. 

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Ironing while measuring can simplify the process. Remember to trim off the selvage fabric and even out the edges on both sides.

For precise cuts, consider using a rotary cutter, which I use all the time while sewing.

Now, flip your fabric so that the back side is facing upwards. Fold the fabric in half and secure it with sewing clips or pins. Sew a 1/4″ seam allowance along both edges.

Trim a small portion from the folded corner at the top where it’s thickest, being careful not to cut through the thread.

Next, open the point by gently turning the fabric edges inward. You’ll notice the center fabric piece facing you, forming a triangular point with the seam up.

Press the seam open. Then, flip the fabric at the point in the opposite direction, using a tool like a chopstick to help press out the pointed ends smoothly.

At this point, you’ll only see your background fabric at the point. If it needs some assistance lying flat, you can iron it down. Remember to repeat this process for both ends of your fabric.

Now, it’s time to complete your table runner. Begin by top-stitching across the pointed end on both sides and down the middle of the seam on your pointed end.

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Next, stitch in the ditch along the seam between your center fabric piece and the border. If your sewing machine offers decorative stitches or if you have a quilting machine, you can also add embellishments to the center or edges.

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How you choose to finish it is entirely based on your personal preferences and imagination.

We hope you found this tutorial enjoyable and helpful. Table runners are such quick projects, and you can easily customize them for any occasion, adjusting the length to fit your table size.

If you prefer a video tutorial you can watch this one that inspired up to make ours.

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