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Easy Burp Cloth Pattern: 30-minute Sewing Project


I recently had a new Great Granddaughter join our family and decided to make a few baby burp cloths for her.

You can download the free baby burp cloth pattern below. It’s located in our sewing tutorial library. I love finding inexpensive ways to help you make burp rags.

How many burp cloths do I need?

Such a great question. As a new mom, you will love these burp cloths. They can be used for spitting up, messes on the floor, and burping the baby.

If you are making them as a baby shower gift, I would give them 2-3 and maybe add them to a diaper bag or another gift on their registry.  The new parents will love the gift.

This is an easy project that will take you about 15 minutes. I do have a video tutorial on my YouTube channel on how to make them, along with a free pattern in the sewing tutorial library. 

Best Burp Cloths?

Any new mom will tell you that the best burp cloths for babies are ones that are large enough to cover you clothes as you burp your newborn and absorbent. There is nothing worse than spit up or vomit all over you clothes especially in the middle of the night when both of you are exhausted.

Supplies for Burp Cloth Pattern

How To Make Burp Cloths

I found a towel in my linen closet that hadn’t been used, but if you don’t have that, you want to cut chenille fabric or towel 12×14″. I used my rotary cutter and my cutting mat, but you can also use your cutting scissors. 

Photo Credit: Nanasewing.com

Next, cut your fabric the same size.  I used a neutral color, but you can use any color of fabric you want. If you are heading to your fabric store, check the remnants section, where you will find some great deals. It’s usually scrap fabric from a bolt. 

Photo Credit: Nanasewing.com

With your right side together, make sure your raw edges line up together, and sew around your burp cloth pieces, leaving an opening around a 2-3 inch gap, so you can turn it. You want to sew using a 1/2 inch seam allowance using a straight stitch. 

Photo Credit: Nanasewing.com

In step 5, you want to turn your pieces and then top stitch around, making sure you close the hole you used for turning it. You can use decorative stitches if you like.

burp cloth pattern
Photo Credit: Nanasewing.com

Don’t forget to pick up the free burp cloth pattern by signing up for the sewing tutorial library. There are several free sewing patterns in the library with easy sewing project. 

burp cloths
Photo Credit: Nanasewing.com

FAQ’s for Baby Burp Cloths

Can you use Minky Fabric?

Minky fabric is very hard to sew as it slides a lot. If you are great at sewing with this soft material, you can absolutely use it for the entire burp cloth. My other concern about using that material is it isn’t very absorbent. It works better for a baby blanket

Is the cotton material soft enough for a baby’s face?

Yes, just make sure you get a soft cotton and wash it before you sew the burp cloth tutorial

Can I use a bath hand towel?

Absolutely, I do find that if the stitches are close together, they are better to use for your easy burp cloth

The burp cloth pattern is a great baby gift, and it’s a good idea to give the new baby a set of burp cloths. Use 1/2-1 yard of fabric and make several for the new mom.

You can also use the same fabric for a baby bib or wider burp cloths. New mothers will no doubt appreciate any handmade gifts you give them. 

These burp cloths make the perfect gifts celebrating new life and, of course, is a simple project you can make in an hour or less.

 I wish you happy sewing and check out my other sewing projects that are a great way to make beautiful gifts or great ways to decorate your home. 

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