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7 Easy Sewing Patterns Tote Bag : Free DIY Sewing Tutorial


We love tote bags, and you may be thinking they are hard to make but really with great sewing patterns tote bag ideas you can make a tote bag that is customized with your favorite fabric. 

Our team reviewed or created 7 tote bag patterns that we believe anyone can make. These free tote bag patterns can be done in a small size or larger tote bags. 

The secret to great sewing patterns tote bag patterns is to follow the instructions and if they have a video, make sure and watch the video.

You can easily create some great tote bags in a weekend. They also make great gifts if you need a quick and easy gift. 

Sewing Supplies:

Sewing Patterns Tote Bag

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Pattern: Tote Bag Pattern

This is the perfect size bag to use as reusable grocery bags. It takes less than 1/2 yard of fabric. You can easily make it as patchwork bags or simply use leftover fabric.  

We have a free PDF to help you make this bag. 

The way our team creates the straps makes them super sturdy by turning the raw edge of strap. The entire tote takes less than 30 minutes to make.  It’s the perfect bag for a beginner sewing skill level. 

Hobo Bag

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Pattern: Hobo Bag

Although this is technically a tote bag, it’s very large and makes a great DIY tote bag. We used recycled jeans, but you can easily use different fabric.

The lining pieces have 2 pockets and you could easily add exterior pockets if you love that. 

We have a PDF of the free bag patterns you will find in our sewing library. 

Tote Bag Patterns

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​Pattern: Tote Bag Patterns

With this adorable bag design, you can create two fabulous tote bags using just one yard of fabric! These DIY tote bags come complete with zippers and a lining, and the smaller one is perfect for using as a purse. 

All you’ll need are a few additional supplies, such as nylon or metal zippers, fusible interfacing, and bag handles (or fabric to make them). Get ready to unleash your creativity and craft two easy tote bags with this fantastic pattern!

Here are the measurements: The small tote is about 15″ (W) x 10″ (H) while the big tote is 20″ (W) x 15″ (H).

​I found some super cute material to make my own. The PDF pattern is super easy to follow. I chose a different color for my lining fabric and made sure it had an interior pocket for all my small items I tend to lose like keys and lip balm.

Market Tote Bag Pattern

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​Pattern: Market Tote Bag Pattern

The vibrant patterns on this market tote are bound to grab the attention of unsuspecting passersby. Its unique wave pocket design sets it apart from the rest.

This free pattern offers four pockets lined with piping on each side of the bag, along with two pockets on the inside, making it ideal for anyone with plenty of smaller belongings to tuck away!

I find this to be the perfect tote for travel. The fabric straps are super comfy and the different sizes of pockets make it easy to put my book, journal, pens etc in the pockets.

It’s such a great option for travel but also if you are simply running to the grocery store. 

I did contrasting fabric for this simple tote bag. I LOVE my outer fabric I chose. The pattern has detailed instructions and is easy to create a professional finish with your sewing machine. 

Windmill Tote Bag

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Pattern: Windmill Tote Bag

​This is such a cute bag for everyday use. It’s called a windmill because it looks like a windmill, and it’s just the right size to use as your own bag. 

You can easily do a PDF Download by simply downloading the blog post of this free sewing pattern. 

The fun part of this pattern is that the pattern pieces are cut in strips and then sewn together. It’s a simple design even if this is your first bag. 

I did a fun design and used recycled jeans from the thrift store and some floral fabric. It turned out so cute.  PS when someone sees your bag expect people to want these great DIY gifts. 

Catch All Tote

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Pattern: Catch All Tote

I think everyone needs a catch all tote. This basic tote bag tutorial makes a large tote that you can easily use to carry items to a sewing class or even school. 

Additionally, if you don’t love plastic bags, you can easily take them into the grocery store and use it as a market bag. These are great bags to put in your car to hold your groceries or supplies like bulky items you need in your car.

Cara made this one and used it as a giant beach bag. She placed towels and toys inside and made sure the pockets had the essentials like sunscreen and of course snacks. 

This is just a versatile bag for all your needs.  

Reversible Tote Bag Pattern

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PatternReversible Tote Bag Pattern

This is such a great project for canvas bags. If you are wanting to learn new skills, making a reversible tote bag is such a great place to start. This is the perfect diaper bag if your babies are a little older. 

So, I don’t have kids or grandkids but wanted a reversible everyday bag. I made it with some leftover fabric and did a contrasting color for the inside.

It’s so much fun to be able to change the outside of the bag by simply turning it inside out. 

I LOVE this bag. It’s beautiful and I get some many compliments when I am out and about. A few family members have hinted they want one for Christmas or their birthdays. 

Tote Bag Patterns

This tote bag is a quick fat quarter projects
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We love tote bags, and we have an entire series on tote bag. You will find over 50 patterns to help you find the perfect tote bag patterns to make. Here are the ones we currently recommend for more patterns. 

Tote Patterns

Patterns For Tote Bags

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