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7 Easy Barn Quilt Designs To Make For Your Home


Barn quilts have added a splash of color and art to the countryside, transforming ordinary barns into canvases that celebrate quilting heritage. We love easy barn quilt designs.

Imagine driving down a rural road and seeing a stunning, vibrant pattern adorning the side of an old barn. That’s the charm of barn quilt designs; they preserve tradition while adding visual interest to the landscape.

Each pattern holds a story, often reflecting the history of the area, the personal tale of a family, or simply a love for the art of quilting.

When you think of quilts, you might picture the comfort of your own home, a cozy blanket draped over a chair.

Barn quilt patterns bring that sense of warmth and artistry outdoors. These painted squares range in complexity from simple geometric designs to intricate representations of flowers, stars, and other motifs rich in symbolic meaning.

Not only do these designs breathe new life into old structures, but they also offer a creative way to express your personality and tastes right on your property.

Interest in barn quilts has been growing, so much so that they’ve become local attractions in some communities, sparking barn quilt trails for enthusiasts to follow.

You can join the movement by creating a barn quilt for your own home. Whether you have an old barn in need of a facelift or a blank spot on your garage that could use some charm, a barn quilt can be a satisfying project that honors a time-honored craft while making a modern-day visual statement.

What Is a Barn Quilt?

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When you think about a quilt, you’re likely picturing something cozy and fabric-based, meant for cuddling up on a chilly night. But barn quilts?

They’re a whole different ball game. A barn quilt is essentially a large piece of wood that’s painted to look like a single quilt block.

No cotton or thread here—it’s all about artistic representation.

Typically simple squares with bold patterns, these eye-catching designs are displayed on the side of a barn or other farm structure, bringing a pop of color and personality to rural landscapes.

Your Guide to Barn Quilt Basics:

  • Materials: Usually crafted from large, sturdy pieces of wood.
  • Design: Mimics the pattern of a quilt block, often scaling up favorite quilt blocks from actual quilts.
  • Size: Can be quite huge to be visible from a distance.
  • Purpose: More than just decorative, these are a nod to traditional craftsmanship and local heritage.

You’ll find barn quilts showing off a vast array of patterns. Some are simple and geometric, while others are intricate and detailed.

Each one is unique and might be chosen because it’s a family’s favorite quilt block or carries a special meaning for the community.

The beauty of barn quilts lies not just in their visual appeal but also in their connection to the past. They are a bridge between the age-old art of quilting and modern-day artistic expression.

If you’re cruising through the countryside and spot one, you’re glimpsing a personal story or a piece of regional history, all displayed on a grand scale.

How to Make a Barn Quilt

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Creating your own barn quilt can add a personal touch of charm and good luck to your property. Here’s how you can craft a vibrant symbol for the side of your barn or even a mini version for your home.

Choosing the Right Materials

Start with the foundation. You’ll need a solid base, like pieces of wood or composite sheets, to ensure a smooth surface for painting.

For an enduring finished product, look for materials that are resistant to weather and warping. You can find these at your local hardware store like Home Depot.

Remember, the smoother the surface, the easier it will be to paint straight lines.

  • Barn quilt size: Choose according to the space on your barn or desired display location.
  • Materials: Opt for ½” to ¾” thick plywood or high-quality MDO board.

Designing Your Pattern

Next step, decide on a pattern that reflects your style. Are you going for traditional block designs or jazzing it up with new patterns?

Play with bright colors and a contrast color to make each block pop. Use a straight edge and frog tape to keep those lines crisp.

  • Straight edge: Essential for creating clean and even lines.
  • Frog tape: Helps prevent paint bleeding for sharper designs.

Painting and Sealing Techniques

Once you have your design, it’s time to paint. Select your paint colors carefully; high-quality exterior paint is a must.

To avoid smudges and ensure perfect lines, paint one color at a time and let it dry completely before moving on to the next. Sealing your barn quilt with a clear, weather-resistant sealant will protect your effort.

  • Colors of paint: Use exterior acrylic latex paint for vibrancy and durability.
  • Sealant: Apply a UV-Protectant clear sealer to guard against the elements.

Installation Tips

For the grand finale, it’s installation time! Measure twice and install once. Secure back braces to the back of your quilt for added support.

Screw directly into the siding or use right arrows if you’re mounting it on a post. Be sure to not over-tighten the screws, as it may cause the wood to warp.

  • Back braces: Add stability and ease of installation.
  • Right arrows: Provide direction for installation and help ensure a level display.

Barn Quilt Designs

Barn quilt patterns are a colorful and creative way to adorn your barn, with a wide variety of designs that range from traditional to modern, each size and color offering a new story.

Sunflower Barn Quilt Pattern

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Download Pattern: Sunflower Barn Quilt Pattern

The Sunflower Barn Quilt Pattern celebrates the rustic charm of rural life. This design usually features bright, contrasting colors that stand out against an actual barn, with petals stretching outward, symbolizing growth and warmth.

You can find patterns for all size options, from accents that brighten up a door to large barns that showcase an entire sunflower display.

  • Adams County is a great place to witness these patterns while enjoying their barn quilt tour.
  • Size Options: Mini (2×2 ft), Medium (4×4 ft), Large (8×8 ft).

Patriotic Barn Quilt Patterns

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Patriotic Barn Quilt Patterns

Patriotic Barn Quilt Patterns are a nod to history, often incorporating elements from civil war collections. Stars, stripes, and shield motifs in red, white, and blue turn an entire barn into a symbol of national pride.

  • Different Colors: Classic red, white, and blue, but also available in other palettes for a unique twist.
  • Chatt Hills Barn Quilt Trail: Follow this trail for a diverse display of patriotic patterns.

Modern Barn Quilt Patterns

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Modern Barn Quilt Patterns

With the advent of the Modern Barn Quilt Patterns, you have endless possibilities at your fingertips. New patterns emerge constantly, and now you can even download them straight to your mobile device.

  • Contrasting Color: Bold and bright or subtle and sophisticated, modern patterns push the envelope.
  • Free Shipping: Often available when you purchase a pattern or a kit for your next project.
  • PDF Download: Get your modern pattern immediately and start planning your barn quilt project.

Taking the Barn Quilt Home

When you decide to own a barn quilt, you’re not limited to large barns or entire barns for display. You can bring the beauty of barn quilt designs into your home in smaller pieces, suitable for the space you have. The only thing you need to decide is the barn quilt size that fits best.

For house depot enthusiasts or specific person projects, consider the following size options:

  • Miniature Barn Blocks: Ideal for hanging over the foot of a bed or on uneven surfaces.
  • Medium Quilts: Perfect as the next step from a mini, great for side of a barn style in a cozy living room.
  • Large Panels: For those who have a bit more space and want a statement piece derived from traditional quilt pattern inspirations.

Joining a quilt guild or going on a barn quilt tour can spark ideas. A road trip down the Alabama Barn Quilt Trail or the Chatt Hills Barn Quilt Trail reveals possibilities for your favorite quilt blocks.

These trails are not only a great way to gather ideas but also an excellent avenue to enjoy finished product displays.

When you’re ready to create, various resources from companies like Tweetle Dee offer pdf download guides with block designs, which include affiliate links for materials.

If you’re a little bit DIY-savvy, frog tape and back braces can help you mount your barn quilt pieces of wood.

For those looking for a hassle-free route, many artists offer free shipping of custom barn quilt designs to transform your house depot into an art installation with a traditional quilt pattern.

Whether you piece together your style of barn quilt or prefer a store-bought piece, the possibilities are endless, from historical civil war collection themes to abstract modern art.

Barn Quilts

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