triangles from flowered fabric made into a 10 inch square quilt pattern
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5 Easy 10 Inch Square Quilt Pattern Ideas You Will Love


If you are newer to quilting or looking for a fast and easy project, these 10 inch square quilt pattern ideas are perfect for a throw blanket quilt size. You can easily make them for yourself or to give as a gift. 

Additionally, if you love smaller squares, most of the quilt patterns can easily be adapted.  I have included these free patterns, many coming from Patchwork Posse because Becky is amazing at designing quilts. 

It is easier to use layer cake squares or fat quarters that can easily be coordinated as 10-inch squares. I think these fabric bundles make great baby quilt gifts.

So without further ado, let’s check out these 10 inch block size patterns that can be made into your favorite quilt project. Personally, I used a few quilt blocks to make a queen size quilt as a gift. 

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Rail Fence Quilt Pattern

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Download rail fence quilt pattern

I love this pattern. If you are a beginner, this is a great pattern for you to check out. You can easily find layer cake fabric in a bundle, which helps you coordinate colors easily as a beginner quilter. 

​Becky has a free download for how to make these quilt block patterns. You simply need your rotary cutter, sewing machine and either the layer cake fabric or a fat quarter bundle. 

​I found it to be the perfect project for a kid quilt.  I create one for each grandkid, and this makes quilting super simple and is so versatile for them.  My grand baby was super excited to have her beautiful quilt. 

Layer Cake Quilt Pattern

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Download layer cake quilt pattern

Have you ever looked at a pattern and thought it would be too hard? Well, this pattern is simple half-square triangles.

A layer cake is a 10 inch square so you simply cut them in half and then add them to a solid fabric. 

​She used white, but you can use any solid color.  Mara wanted a quilt for her bed, so she found a layer cake bundle and made this. She is a new quilter and found it easy to do.

Here’s our tip for triangles, flowered fabric work great for these. I try to stay away from diagonal fabric as that can make you need a larger number of squares, and you have to be really careful with your seam allowance, so things are straight.  

Florals make creating a 10 inch square quilt pattern so much easier. 

Layer Cake Pattern

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Download Layer cake pattern

This quilt in the blue fabric is beautiful. It’s perfect if you are a beginner. You can use your fabric stash or fat quarter fabrics or the layer cake bundles. 

I recommend using bundles as they are already color coordinated, and then you can simply add a contrasting color for the long fabric line patterns you see. You could also use a coordinating jelly roll strips. 

Poppy Quilt Pattern

Photo credit: EasyPiecyQuiltsLLC

Download Poppy Quilt Pattern

I am obsessed with this pattern. It is so cute and really an easy 10 inch square quilt pattern.  I saw this pattern on Etsy and I love the red so I just had to make it. 

​She has instructions on how to make it into a table topper, and so that is what I made. It turned out SO cute.

She does have instructions for all kinds of different sizes and even has the option to buy the kit with the fabric on her website. 

Cat Quilt Pattern

Photo Credit: MyPieceFullJourney

Download cat quilt pattern

We had to include a fun whimsical 10 inch square quilt pattern.  My friend is obsessed with her cat. Since her kids have left the house, I think the cat has become her child.

She found this 10 inch square quilt pattern on Etsy and asked if she bought fabrics, could she cover over and sew. Well of course. 

The instructions are easy to follow. I will say if this is your first quilt, even though it’s super cute I would stick with an easier pattern.

This one has a ton of different pieces and your seam allowances have to be spot on. 

I had her use a magnetic seam guide which is always helpful. We ended up making a mini quilt that she could hang up and she loved it.  

You can do it, if needed take your time and watch a few YouTube videos if you feel stuck. 

I hope you found a few 10 inch square quilt pattern ideas.  90% of these are perfect if you are a beginner quilter. 

We have an entire library of quilt patterns. I hope you take some time to check out all of the patterns. Fat quarter quilt pattern and 3 yard quilt patterns are easy to make if you need a little guidance. 

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