pinks and purple triangle shapes made from a fat quarter quilt pattern

5 Fat Quarter Quilt Pattern Ideas Perfect For Beginners


If you love fat quarters and beautiful quilts, you will love these quilts below.  Are you a beginner quilter looking for some fun and easy fat quarter quilt pattern ideas? 

Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog, we’re going to explore a variety of creative and beginner-friendly quilt patterns that make use of fat quarters, those lovely little fabric bundles that are just perfect for quilting projects. 

Whether you’re new to quilting or just looking for some fresh inspiration, we’ve got you covered. So grab your favorite fat quarters and get ready to dive into the wonderful world of quilting!

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Stacked Bricks Quilt Patterns

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Download Pattern: Stacked bricks quilt pattern

​This is the perfect quilt for making with a set of a fat quarter bundle. The size makes a great throw quilt or twin quilt size.

If you love it and want the pattern to be bigger, simply add more rows and adjust the size using our quilt size chart. 

You will need more background fabric than a fat quarter will provide. If you don’t find fat quarters you love, you can use your fabric stash. This is one of my favorite fat quarter quilts. 

This is such an easy quilt pattern, especially if you are newer to quilting.  I loved this quilt because it uses a simple block, and you just sew the same pattern again and again. 

Triangle Quilt

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Download Pattern: Triangle Quilt

This friendly pattern uses half square triangles. If you are newer to quilting and the looks makes you say that will be hard, I want to stop you. Triangles are easy to make. 

You have 2 options: If you own a Cricut machine you can easily program in the size of your triangles and have it cut all of them for you or simply cut out all your squares, and then you cut those in half. 

The free quilt pattern is simple to follow and it’s a great pattern. I used this pattern for a baby quilt. It turned out super cute.  I used a really cute fat quarter bundle from the Fat Quarter Shop, and it turned out so cute. 

Fat Quarter Cubes Quilt

Photo Credit: Fat Quarter Shop

Download Pattern: Fat Quarter Cubes Quilt

These quilt blocks make such a fun quilt pattern.  Small squares are put together to make large blocks. The pattern is a free download and is actually perfect if you have a fat quarter stash. 

That is exactly what I did. I used my stash of jelly rolls and fat quarters for this quilting design.

I made it a little bigger than a small throw size to use as a queen size quilt. You simply use the quilt size chart and add more blocks. 

This fat quarter quilt pattern is super fun to make.  Make sure and download the PDF pattern. It might become one of your favorite pattern to make for gifts or to use at home. 

Fat Quarter Quilt Pattern

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Download Pattern: Fat quarter quilt pattern

If you are a beginner, this is the perfect quilt for a queen bed. You simply use a fat quarter bundle and cut your squares for a quick quilt. If you are an experienced quilter, this would be a quick quilt to make as a gift. 

For quilt finishes, you can choose to have it quilted, or she gives instructions how to finish the top using your sewing machine.  So grab your favorite fabric and create a fun quilt in a weekend. 

I made this one for my niece. She wanted one for her bed. She picked her favorite purple colors and we whipped it out really quickly. 

Throw Quilt Pattern

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Download Pattern: Throw Quilt Pattern

This fat quarter quilt pattern is super simple.  You will simply use your large prints from your fat quarters to create your quilt top. 

I used extra fabric to make a large throw size quilt as a gift for my granddaughter.  This free pattern was made up in no time. If you are looking for friendly quilts to make for gifts or to sell to others, this is your pattern. 

We hope you loved all the fat quarter quilt patterns. We always want to give simple options if you are a beginner quilter or need a quick, friendly quilt pattern.

We have an entire library of fat quarters information. You will find fat quarter projects,  or simply learn more about fat quarters. 

If you love simple quilt patterns, check out our 3 yard quilt patterns. So many great quilt patterns that are so simple to make.  Let us know in the comments what quilt you are thinking of making. 

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