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4 Places To Buy Fabric Fat Quarters

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Fat quarters are such an easy way to create easy sewing projects. We have a few favorite places to buy fabric fat quarters.

We love fat quarter bundles for quilts, table runners, and tote bags. So many uses for fabric fat quarters.

So, let’s save you some money and help you coordinate your fabrics with our favorite fat quarter bundles.

Fat Quarter Measurement

As you are looking at your pattern, you will need to see how many inches you need for your project.

A fat quarter measures 18×22″ but they can vary just a little. They are perfect for use in quilts or smaller projects. A fat quarter bundle usually has 5-6 of a single fat quarter that coordinates in their colors.

Where To Buy Fabric Fat Quarters

I buy a ton of fat quarter bundles and singles. If you have a local Walmart, they have a great selection of single fat quarters. We have bought fabric for coasters, bookmarks, and even quilts from Walmart.

Here’s a link to Walmart’s selection of fat quarter fabrics. They do have a few bundles but I don’t always love that variety.


Photo Credit: Amazon

Amazon Picks Fabric Fat quarters

Amazon bought a fabric company a few years back and now are ideal for buying fabric. I love their fat quarter selection. I included in the photo above a few of my favorite fat quarter bundles.

If you are a Prime member, you get free shipping on your fabric and if not, you simply have to spend around $35 to get free shipping.


Photo Credit: Etsy.com

Our Favorite: Fabric Fat Quarter From Etsy

You might be surprised to learn that Etsy sells fabric. I actually buy a ton of sewing fabric from Etsy. They have some beautiful designers and the quality is outstanding.

Make sure and read the reviews before purchasing and if you have questions ask the designer.

Joann’s Fabrics

I like getting fabric fat quarters at Joann’s, although I will say they are the highest-priced ones I have found. The selection is always good though and the fabrics are great quality.

You can save money by signing up for Rakuten and you will get cash back from Joann’s. Here’s a code to get $30 back from Rakuten when you spend $30 within a month of signing up.

Personally, I order online and pick up in the store so I can get my cashback from Rakuten.

Local Quilt Shop

Your local quilt shop probably has fat quarters and fat quarter bundles. If you are unsure, you can message them on your social media accounts and ask, and then if they do, go in and check them out.

I also love taking classes and getting my scissors sharpened at my local quilt shop. If you haven’t been in your local quilt shop, stop by.

Furthermore, they are so full of knowledge and so helpful when it comes to sewing.

Fat Quarter Sewing Projects

We have several fat quarter sewing projects that are easy to make and so much fun. Here are a few of my favorites I recommend trying.

Let us know in the comments what projects you have made with fat quarters. We would love to see your latest project.

I love using fat quarters. I tend to buy the fat quarter bundles because it makes coordinating fabrics so much easier for my quilt patterns.

Additionally, they are inexpensive, and the leftover fabric can be saved and used in another pattern.

Our team can’t wait to see what you make with your fat quarters. There are so many possibilities. We have an entire Pinterest board with fat quarter projects. You can save your favorite sewing projects to your own Pinterest board.

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