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How to Make Fabric Flowers (5 Patterns)


I was on Pinterest and these beautiful fabric flowers popped up. I wondered how to make fabric flowers and low and beyond I found a ton of patterns.

You can use any sort of fabric you have on hand or even old pair of jeans or clothes. These are gorgeous and easier than they look.

I can’t wait to share with you the video and written tutorials you can use to make a beautiful flower.  They are perfect for an alternative to a real flower option.

Grab your sewing making and fabric scraps and find a pattern to use below. 

Denim Fabric Flowers

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Download denim fabric flowers pattern

How cute are these! I saw these and immediately wanted to make some for our spare bedroom. I have a quilt that has pinks, yellows and greens, and we have done some soft upcycled projects. 

I knew these would be so cute on the side table. I went to our local goodwill and found some denim jeans that looked brand new. I bought a few pairs in varying shades of denim and created these. 

​You will find that the pattern is so easy to follow. You simply cut out your petals and then create the center of the flower by following her directions.

I used a strip of fabric and my hot glue gun, and it was so easy to simply rinse and repeat. 

​This sewing project is so easy and is a great way to use jeans you are thinking about throwing out or taking to your local thrift store. 

Fabric Daffodils

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Download Fabric daffodils pattern

I love this fabric flower tutorial where she shows you 3 ways to have daffodils.  You need just a few fabric items includes squares of fabric, strips of fabric and some felt. You probably already have some of these in your fabric stash. 

These DIY fabric flowers are so simple.  I also love that she has photos for all the steps and makes it so easy to make.  She used a running stitch but I pulled out the sewing machine and once they were all made sewed all of them together. 

We used these for a really fun project. Our church has a Valentine’s Day event for widows in our community. We made a bouquet for each table and a small bouquet for each lady to take home. 

Simply take a mix of different flowers and use floral wire to make them. They turned out so cute and the ladies loved them. 

How To Make Fabric Flowers

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How to make fabric flowers tutorial

To easily make these, you need the Clover flower frills template which I got off Amazon. This helps make easy fabric flowers especially the flower petals.  You also want to use cotton fabric. They don’t do well with heavier fabrics. 

You will want to see her tutorial. I made about 20 flower petals using different fabrics to make my own fabric flowers. I also used a dab of hot glue to make sure everything held in place.

This is such a great project for a celebration or to give it to your friend for a special occasion. I also made some for my kitchen counter. They turned out adorable. 

If you have a charm pack sitting around and haven’t got around to making a quilt, this would be the perfect project to use it for. The finished flower bouquet would then be color coordinated and gorgeous. 

DIY Fabric Poinsettia

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Download DIY Fabric Poinsettia tutorial

This easy project is perfect for the Christmas season. We love having poinsettias as part of our Christmas home decor, but sometimes they are hard to find, and I hate to throw them away. 

These are so easy to make and can easily be stored with your other Christmas decor. 

Grab your favorite red fabric and follower her instructions to make the flower shape with her free templates.  You can make a large flower like she did or make it smaller and create napkin rings. 

Easily take your pieces of fabric and at the bottom of the flower add some floral wire. You could also make some hair accessories for a Christmas event. It would be so pretty as a hair accessory with smaller petals. 

Long Stemmed Fabric Flowers

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Long Stemmed Fabric Flowers Tutorial

​I love fresh flowers, but these are so precious.  We made them for a baby nursery and they turned out so cute.

She teaches in her tutorial a few different flowers. When finished, you can add them to some wood stems or floral wire to the back of the flower. We added them to a little girls room. 

You can easily make them with your fabric scraps. I used a Fat quarter bundle because I really love a coordinated color and sometimes struggle to color coordinate. 

I made a few more and added 1 set to our guest bathroom and used some special fabrics to make a bouquet and added them to my bedside table. 

Did you find some ways to make fabric flowers?  I love all of these tutorials and can’t wait to find some more to share with you. 

We always want to give you some easy sewing projects that help you use your sewing machine and create beautiful home decor items you will be so proud of. 

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