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9 FREE Printable Barn Quilt Patterns


If you love the look of a barn quilt, you are in the right place, Today we are giving you free printable barn quilt patterns that you can pick from to make your favorite one.

There are a ton of different colors, some with bright colors and some with more muted colors. Download the free barn quilt pattern you love and start creating your DIY barn quilt.

Your choices in design and paint colors can lead to various elements in the artwork, such as contrasting colors, straight edges, diagonal lines, uniform straight lines, different colors with possibly the same design, vibrant color combinations, straightforward squares, and any other creative elements you may choose to incorporate.

History of Barn Quilts

You might be surprised to learn that the first barn quilt didn’t show up until 2001 in Adams County, Ohio. Donna Sue Groves, inspired by her mother Maxine’s quilting art, had a wonderful idea to pay tribute to her mother’s legacy.

 She envisioned painting a quilt block on their tobacco barn as a special honor. As she discussed the idea with her friends and neighbors, it became evident that the project had widespread appeal and had the potential to benefit the entire area. 

By attracting tourists and promoting economic development, the quilt block project could bring positive change and prosperity to rural America. The barn quilt design is now popular in many rural areas. 

​As quilters saw the wooden barn quilts, it became a popular pattern to create to pay homage to a simpler time in life. It is now a common home decor you find in many home. 

Supplies for Barn Quilt Patterns

The free quilt patterns below all have their own instructions, but there are some common supplies that help you paint a beautiful barn quilt. Here are a few of our favorites

Printable Barn Quilt Patterns

​Here are our favorite barn quilt blocks. So many charming barn quilt patterns. You will find unique pattern and even some bold quilt ideas. 

Don’t forget to download these printable patterns with the free digital download. 

On your next road trip down country roads, look up when you see a red barn and see if you see the larger barn quilts. With so many different style of barn quilt, you will find beauty all around you. 

If you want to check out the barn quilt trails, you can check that out here. It has some of our favorite quilt blocks.

When we think of quilts we think of stripes of each fabric, but the barn quilts of the wooden kind are a little bit of charm and a lot of beauty and each one painstakingly created. 

Let us know in the comments which one you are wanting to make. Make sure and let the bloggers know you appreciate them taking the time to write, photograph and publish the printable barn quilt patterns.

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