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5 Easy And Unique Barn Quilt Designs With Printable Blocks


We thought as a team it would be fun to find some unique barn quilt designs you can easily paint and add to your home.  

Barn quilts have become a popular way to add a touch of color and creativity to rural landscapes. 

These large, painted quilt squares are often displayed on the sides of barns, bringing a sense of artistry and tradition to the countryside.

If you’re looking to create your own unique barn quilt design, here are a few ideas that you can easily paint.

Floral Barn Quilt Patterns

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PDF: Floral Barn Quilt Patterns

This is a great way to make your own barn quilt. Our team did this as a group and everyone did it in different colors, and they all turned out so cute. It was such a fun activity for our group. 

You can easily make this a bigger design for your own home for over your fireplace or bed or smaller like is pictured for a bathroom or kitchen. It’s the perfect decor no matter which option you choose. 

The pattern comes as an SVG, PDF, EPS and DXF. If you haven’t had a girls night in quite some time, these make a great mini barn quilt that everyone would love to make. 

Barn Quilt Pattern

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PDF: Barn Quilt Pattern

When it comes to Unique Barn Quilt Designs We love this poppy flower pattern. It turned out super cute and the pattern is chalked full of instructions and helpful guides.  

The designer also includes tips for picking a color palette to make easy painting for these intricate designs. 

What’s Inside:

– Comprehensive tutorial: Start-to-finish directions for your beautiful barn quilt blocks

– Original design: “Poppy Burst” is the owner’s exclusive pattern.

– Digital download: This is a PDF—your guide to creativity.

Why You’ll Love It:

– Step-by-step guidance: The Barn Quilt Pattern tutorial takes you through the entire process.

– Full-color beauty: Receive a vibrant pattern and color swatches chart for easy color selection.

– Shopping made simple: Get a materials list and suggestions to prep for your painting adventure.

– Detailed instructions: Learn board preparation, design transfer, painting techniques, and finishing touches.

– Visual aid: Each step includes color photos, tips, and examples for a seamless experience.

– Versatile size: Transfer the pattern to any SQUARE format—no limitations!

Bring Spring Home

Poppy Burst, inspired by the arrival of spring in the foothills, lets you adorn your space—indoors or outdoors—with a piece of your creativity.

Ready to make your mark on Unique Barn Quilt Designs? Start painting your beautiful barn quilt today! It’s such a great project for a weekend.

Sunflower Barn Quilt Pattern

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PDF: Sunflower Barn Quilt Pattern

The best way to brighten up the fall is with this sunflower barn block. This would be fun for an actual barn or as wall art. 

Sarah created this pattern for our team as she LOVES sunflowers. She loved that the instructions were super thorough and in color. You can easily print the instructions in black and white. 

She used pieces of wood from a previous project and although not a traditional quilt pattern, she loves this modern barn quilt alongside her other sunflower projects. 

​The great thing about barn quilt patterns, is you can easily create your block designs in an afternoon and place them where you want whether that is outdoor spaces like a patio or an entry way to welcome your guests. They can easily be made into a variety of sizes depending on your space. 

Barn Quilt Ornaments

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PDF: Barn Quilt Ornaments

We had to include these super cute barn quilt ornaments. You can easily make your own designs with just a little bit of creativity. This would also make a cute crafty DIY kit to give as a gift. 

The finished product is super cute on your Christmas tree. For craft enthusiasts, these are perfect to make or give as gifts. It’s the perfect craft for Christmas. 

Pinwheel Barn Quilt Pattern

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PDF: Pinwheel Barn Quilt Pattern

Welcome to the world of creativity creating unique barn quilts designs! This comprehensive tutorial is your gateway to crafting your very own original barn quilt—something that will fill you with pride.

Here’s what you get:

– The Barn Quilt Pattern tutorial guides you step by step through the entire process.

– Receive a full-color barn quilt pattern and a color swatches chart to help you choose your colors wisely.

– Access a materials list and shopping suggestions to ensure you have everything you need for your barn quilt painting project.

– Detailed instructions cover board preparation, design transfer, painting techniques, and finishing touches.

– The step-by-step guide includes color photos, extra tips, and examples to assist you at every turn.

Noteworthy point: The barn quilt pattern is versatile and easily transfers to any square format—no size limit.

With this one-of-a-kind barn quilt pattern, you have the opportunity to paint a beautiful piece to adorn your home, whether it’s placed inside or outside. Let your creativity flow, and enjoy the process of bringing this unique pattern to life.

​We did this over the holidays after finishing our holiday baking. We did a 12×12 block size and everyone picked their own paint colors. We had a blast. So many cute barn quilt designs and our own little quilt trails. 

If you know a woodworker, ask to look in your wood scrap heap. You can easily find great wood pieces or look around for wood from old barns. Those make the most beautiful wooden products. 

The best part of doing it as a group is each specific person created their own unique barn quilt pattern. Some had bright colors while some were more of a modern design with more muted colors. All were beautiful barn quilt patterns. 

If you are wanting to learn more about barn quilts we have you covered below. 

Barn Quilts

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