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9 Quilts Patterns Log Cabin Best Block Pattern

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Hey there, fellow quilting enthusiast! If you’re on the lookout for a timeless quilt pattern that’s suitable for all sewing levels, then look no further than the classic log cabin design and these quilts patterns log cabin blocks. 

This iconic pattern has been a staple in the quilting world for decades, and its versatility and simplicity make it a perfect choice for quilters of every skill level.

Whether you’re just starting out on your quilting journey or you’re a seasoned pro, the log cabin pattern offers endless creative possibilities and a sense of accomplishment with every stitch.

The beauty of the log cabin quilt pattern lies in its striking geometric layout, which creates the illusion of interwoven logs. It’s a design that’s both visually captivating and deceptively simple to create, making it an ideal choice for those who are new to quilting. 

The symmetrical nature of the pattern also lends itself well to experimentation with different color combinations and fabric placements, allowing you to unleash your creativity and personalize your quilt to your heart’s content.

If you’re a beginner looking to dip your toes into the world of quilting, the log cabin pattern is a fantastic starting point. Its basic block structure and forgiving nature make it an excellent introduction to piecing and quilting techniques. 

On the flip side, if you’re an experienced quilter, the log cabin pattern provides a wonderful canvas for pushing the boundaries of your creativity.

Whether you want to play with scale, experiment with intricate piecing, or explore new color schemes, the log cabin pattern is the perfect playground for your quilting skills.

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Simple Log Cabin Quilt

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Download Quilts Patterns Log Cabin: Simple Log Cabin Quilt

The Missouri Star Quilt Company showcases a tutorial on crafting a timeless Log Cabin quilt using 2.5 inch strips of  fabric, also known as a jelly roll. This classic block design offers endless layout possibilities and serves as a beautiful traditional centerpiece for quilting projects. 

To add a charming touch, the quilt features an elegant wavy border created with a Scallops, Vines & Waves Template for Quilt In a Day, and is neatly bound with bias binding.

Log Cabin Quilt Pattern

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Download Quilts Patterns Log Cabin: Log Cabin Quilt Pattern

This simple log cabin quilt block pattern showcases the ease of sewing traditionally designed blocks that measure 14″ square upon completion.

While you have the option to cut patchwork strips from your quilting fabrics, utilizing jelly rolls makes it effortless to create a scrap quilt composed of log cabin blocks.

Free Log Cabin Quilt Pattern

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Download Quilts Patterns Log Cabin: Free Log Cabin Quilt Pattern

The Log Cabin Quilt Block is truly a perfect block in the world of quilting. Once you’ve mastered it, the possibilities are endless, and you may find yourself sticking with it because of the countless ways to create unique log cabin quilts. 

This block is perfect for strip piecing and is exceptionally well-suited for making use of leftover fabric scraps.

​I created this block but used lighter fabrics with some light pinks and yellow fabric strips. This was my first log cabin quilt and it was a great way to use scrap fabrics to make a beautiful quilt I gave as a baby quilt. 

Log Cabin Quilt Block

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Download Quilts Patterns Log Cabin: Log Cabin Quilt Block

Consider this: the log cabin could very well be the original strip quilt. After all, it consists entirely of center squares and strips—making it an ideal fit for a jelly roll or a fantastic way to use up your fabric stash!

It’s worth noting that the log cabin design lends itself to a multitude of variations. You can stick to the tutorial and create petite 4” blocks, or let your imagination run wild by altering the size of the center of the block, as well as the size and quantity of strips.

Log Cabin Christmas Quilt Patterns

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Download Quilts Patterns Log Cabin: Log Cabin Christmas Quilt Patterns

We love the free patterns from Fort Worth Fabric studio. This Christmas quilt uses a traditional log cabin block with a twist. It’s the perfect log cabin quilt block for the holidays as a wall hanging. 

Like classic log cabin blocks, you want to use dark fabrics in different ways to make a pattern like this. You will use your light fabric as the background in this particular pattern. 

Quilts Patterns Log Cabin

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Download Quilt Patterns Quilts Patterns Log Cabin

This free quilt pattern are basic log cabin blocks. She added rectangles and this has become one of my favorite quilt blocks. It’s the best way to use scrap fabrics. 

We love the yellow center of the center block and how she used different fabrics to finish off this design. You of course can use any colors for your square blocks. Just keep the fabric placement in the same order as you sew your straight lines. 

This is definitely not for a beginner quilter unless you have someone helping. There are easier basic log cabin block patterns that are a little bit easier to make. 

Log Cabin Rag Quilt

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Download Quilts Patterns Log Cabin: Log Cabin Rag Quilt

Indeed, nearly any block pattern can be paired with the rag technique to create a charming rag quilt. Let your creativity run wild and explore the plethora of free block patterns available on my site. The outcomes are sure to be exceptional!

Feel free to utilize your preferred fabric and, if you have a beloved log cabin template, go ahead and use that. Alternatively, you can make use of the template she provides.

If you’re new to creating a log cabin rag quilt, you might want to visit my log cabin instruction page to acquaint yourself with the process. There, you’ll discover comprehensive guidance for crafting a log cabin quilt. 

Don’t forget to include a 1″ seam allowance around each pattern piece and ensure that all seam allowances are positioned on the same side.

Log Cabin Quilt Jelly Roll

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Download Quilts Patterns Log Cabin: Log Cabin Quilt Jelly Roll

Check it out – we’ve got three size options for you: Baby (54″ x 54″), Throw (72″ x 72″), and Twin (72″ x 90″).

Introducing Star Cabins, a delightful spin on the classic log cabin quilt design.

This quilt is pieced in the traditional way (no paper piecing or templates needed) and is jelly roll (2 1/2″ strips) friendly! The pattern includes user-friendly instructions, full-color visuals, and can be easily printed on 8.5″ x 11″ paper or viewed on your electronic device.

Just a heads up, this pattern assumes that you’ve got some basic piecing and quilting skills under your belt. And if you’re wondering about fabric requirements, you can find them in the last photo.

I love this quilt pattern and am currently working on it. It really is a simple construction with a modern twist for a traditional log cabin quilt block. 

Choose any color palette you like. It will definitely give it a different look depending on the colors you choose. 

Log Cabin Baby Quilt Pattern

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Check out the LOVING HEART QUILT PATTERN #441, available in three sizes: 60″ x 76″, 60″ x 92″, and 92″ x 108″. This charming quilt features log cabin blocks and can be created using three distinct color combinations.

Opt for different colors like pinks for a girl blues for a boy or a neutral color scheme to achieve a delightful result.

Sarah made this quilt for her newest granddaughter. It was so cute and she made it the crib-size so she can use it for years to come or as a throw blanket to play on. 

Well, we hope you found some really fun Log cabin quilt patterns to try. Here are a few other quilt patterns to check out if you love quilting. 


If you need a handy chart to find the perfect size for your quilt check out our quilt sizes chart.

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3 Yard Quilt Patterns Free

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