Star Patterns For Quilts

7 Star Patterns For Quilts: Easy and Free Patterns


Quilting is a craft as timeless as the stars themselves, and there’s no pattern more classic than a star.

Whether you’re a beginner quilter or someone with stitches and patches of experience, star patterns offer a cosmic touch to your quilting projects. Easy quilt patterns shaped like stars are great for starting out, as they allow you to learn the ropes while creating something beautiful.

When you’re piecing together your next quilt, consider incorporating star blocks. The allure of these celestial designs lies in their versatility; they can be simple or complex, traditional or modern.

Each star pattern you encounter has its own character and will add a unique sparkle to your work.

Whether you prefer the straightforward lines of a classic eight-point star or the whimsical charm of a wonky star, there’s a galaxy of designs out there just waiting to brighten up your quilts.

Essentials of Star Patterns

When creating star patterns for quilts, the elements of design, fabric selection, and technique are crucial.

Understanding Star Blocks

Star blocks, a cornerstone of traditional quilt block designs, bring dynamic visual interest to quilts. You’ll often start with a central star, expanding outwards with additional fabric pieces. A tip for your skill level: beginners might prefer a simple Ohio Star, while more advanced quilters might opt for the intricacy of a Lone Star.

Selecting Fabric Requirements

To make those stars pop, selecting the right fabric is key. You’ll need a variety of different colors, often including fat quarters, which are quarter-yard cuts of fabric that measure 18″ x 22″. They’re perfect for getting an assortment of prints and hues without buying full yards.

Fabric Requirements for a Basic Star Block:

Fabric TypeQuantity
Main Star Fabric1 Fat Quarter
Background Fabric1/2 Yard
Accent/Secondary Fabric1 Fat Quarter
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Remember, your background fabric sets the stage for your star, so choose a color that allows your star to shine.

Mastering Half Square Triangles

Half-square triangles (HSTs) are integral to star block construction. They’re made by pairing two differently colored squares, sewing them together diagonally, and cutting them apart. Here’s how it works:

  1. Place two squares, right sides together.
  2. Draw a line from one corner to the opposite.
  3. Sew two lines, each a 1/4″ from the center line.
  4. Cut along the drawn line to separate.
  5. Press open, and voilà, you have two HSTs!

Use HSTs for the points of your star and to add detail within the traditional block. Your precision with these triangles dictates the sharpness of your star’s points.

Quilt Pattern Supplies:

These supplies making quilting just a little easier. The great thing is you can use the supplies again and again. Well except for the fabric but keep your extras because you can easily make a quilt using those scraps. 


Rotary Cutter

Seam Guide: Keeps your seam straight. It’s been a lifesaver.

Charm Packs

Star Patterns For Quilts

When you’re ready to make a star quilt, there’s a pattern out there for every skill level. Whether you’re picking up quilting for the first time or you’re a seasoned pro, you can find a star pattern that’s just right for you.

We have included our favorite 7 but if you look on Pinterest you will find many more.  There are thousands of patterns available, and you can go on an endless search for star patterns. 

I don’t know about you but that is overwhelming to me, I like having the best ones with the best patterns, so I can choose which one I want to concentrate on for my next project. It helps me not be overwhelmed. 

Sometimes even in Facebook groups, it feels overwhelming but I do love seeing everyone’s creative sides. 

Flying Geese Quilt Pattern

Photo Credit:

Download star patterns for quilts: Flying Geese Quilt Pattern

This is a variation of the traditional Star Geese quilt block. You will be doing some paper piecing, but she walks you through how step by step.  It’s a really easy pattern our team completed without any problems. 

We did it in a full size quilt but you could do it in any size you want. If you need sizes for your quilt, check out our free quilt sizes guide. This would also be a beautiful baby quilt. 

This is a super popular pattern for quilters. You can see variations of these modern quilt patterns if you do a Pinterest search or search in a Facebook group. 

Lone Star Quilt Pattern

Photo Credit:

Download star patterns for quilts: Lone Star Quilt Pattern

This lone star quilt block pattern is definitely not for beginner quilters, but this quilt top is stunning. The pattern comes with detailed instructions about the star design. It’s a great project for a free tutorial. 

​Being from the Lone star state, we had to create this pattern with the Texas state colors and kept the center star the blue color. We chose a white background and loved how it turned out. 

Remember you can always change out colors and make it match your color scheme or if you are giving it as a gift, easily make it with their color scheme in mind. 

Ohio Star Quilt Pattern


Download star patterns for quilts: Ohio Star Quilt Pattern

Our niece is from Ohio and fell in love with this quilt. We found this easy quilt pattern when we were looking for free patterns and had to make it for her. 

The pattern is simple to follow and would be super cute as patriotic quilts. When I see this block, I think of the classic star block when it comes to quilt designs. You will definitely love how this pattern turns out. 

Don’t forget if you have questions, there are several Facebook groups where other quilters are super helpful at helping you trouble shoot. 

Oh My Stars Quilt Pattern

Photo Credit:

Download star patterns for quilts: Oh my stars quilt pattern

Pat Sloan has a super active Facebook group, if you haven’t checked it out, you should. She also has a YouTube video for most of her quilts. I find her Facebook group so inspiring, with so many amazing quilters making beautiful quilts. 

This wouldn’t be a hard quilt to do if it’s your first quilt. It’s a classic quilt design with simple squares with a rising star in the middle of the designs. Pat designs beautiful quilts and has a ton of free quilt patterns. 

If you aren’t great at matching colors, grab a charm pack because it has colors that all match. I loved these colors and pattern so much, I ended up making a tote bag also.  Both of them turned out so cute. 

Sawtooth Star Quilt Block

Photo Credit:

Download star patterns for quiltsSawtooth Star Quilt Block

The Sawtooth Star, also known by various other names, is a traditional 8-point star and is considered one of the most timeless and adaptable quilt blocks.

Utilizing her preferred shortcut, the flying geese method, she created the Sawtooth Star quilt pattern blocks. Additionally, she has a free printable chart available for making Star blocks sizes in various sizes from 4″ to 20″, with increments in between.

You can change the fabric choices easily and do the background squares in a solid color or a patterned fabric. This is really a gorgeous quilt. She includes the material requirements and suggestions for color placement.

Carpenters Star Quilt Pattern

Photo Credit:

Download star patterns for quilts: Carpenter Star Quilt Pattern

The Carpenter Star quilt pattern is a classic design featuring a central star motif surrounded by intricate geometric shapes. This timeless pattern is known for its striking visual appeal and the opportunity it provides for creative color and fabric choices. 

With its combination of traditional and modern elements, the Carpenter Star quilt pattern is a favorite among quilters of all skill levels. When it comes to quilting patterns and color variations, this is a perfect pattern for you to try. 

We did a mini quilt for our great niece.  We will say with this quilt, you have to know how to press seams to help put your pieces together. This is a great quilt for a confident beginner to an experienced quilter. 

Starburst Quilt Pattern

Photo Credit:

Download star patterns for quilts: Starburst Quilt Pattern

Have you seen the Starburst Quilt pattern by Missouri Quilt Company? It’s a 58″ x 58″ beauty! Jenny Doan walks you through the process using yardage and 10-inch squares of precut fabric (layer cakes). 

In the tutorial, she uses Blossom Batiks Starling Patty Cake by RJR Fabrics. Plus, you’ll learn a speedy method for making half-square triangles.

This is a modern star quilt pattern and is gorgeous. It has a ton of diamond shapes but make sure and watch your seam allowances as this pattern has a ton of pieces to put together to complete each quilt block. 

Did you find your next star patterns for quilts? We hope so. We loved reviewing all of these patterns and love seeing your finished quilts on social media. So much fun being inspired by your creativity. 

Here are more quilt patterns we think you will love. Check back weekly as we add in new patterns we find and review from all over the internet.  We always send out the latest finds via email on Friday. 

Quilt Patterns

Here are a few of our favorite selections of quilt patterns. You can see all of our quilt patterns here.

Baby Quilt Patterns

Download Baby Quilt Patterns

​These baby quilt patterns are so precious Whether you are expecting or making one as a gift, these are beautiful gifts that anyone would love to receive. 

Barn Quilt Patterns

printable barn quilt patterns

Download Barn Quilt Patterns

Did you know that barn quilt patterns aren’t actually made with fabric but painted on a piece of wood? If you travel the northeast part of the United States you will see these on barns, especially in Amish country. 

These free printable patterns help you paint your own barn quilt patterns. We love the one over the bed that is such a classic design.  They look beautiful on a house or on your mantel. 

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