this blue mosiac quilt pattern is a free 3 yard quilt patterns

5 Free 3 Yard Quilt Patterns You Will Love Sewing


I love free 3 yard quilt patterns. These quilts are super simple to make and make a great lap quilt to give as a gift. Our team created these patterns and will be giving our thoughts below.

If you are new to quilting or want a quilt that is simple with 3 fabrics for most of them you will love 3 yard quilt patterns.

We have put together our favorites and can’t wait to share them. Make sure and save the Pinterest pin and see all of our 3 yard quilt patterns in our library.

​Without further ado, let’s jump into our favorite free 3 yard quilt patterns. We can’t wait to see which free quilt pattern you choose. Let us know in the comments. 

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How Big Is a 3 Yard Quilt?

This is such a great question and we have broken it all down for you in our post: How big is a 3 yard quilt

Collage Quilt Pattern

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Download Pattern: Collage Quilt Pattern

I love this collage quilt pattern. Again, it only uses 3 yards of fabric, and you simply use your rotary cutters to cut your pieces and then sew them today. It’s a great way to make a beautiful quilt top. 

This was such an easy quilt pattern, and I used different fabrics for lap quilts and throw quilts. I use fabric collections to match my fabric selection.

She gives you step-by-step instructions, which is always nice when creating a quilt. 

​Furthermore, we have a group of ladies who make quilts for the local cancer center. We made several based on the colors that represent the cancer and donated them to the chemo locations to help keep the patients warm and for them to simply know someone was thinking of them during their difficult times. 

This quilt is super quick to make and if you are making it for a charity and don’t have a longarm to quilt it you can use a running stitch or ask a local quilter if they would donate their time to quilt it. Most of the time they will. 

Dutchman Puzzle Quilt Pattern

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Download Pattern: Dutchman Puzzle Quilt Pattern

This quilt pattern is beautiful and so much fun to make. This super cute quilt uses the Dutchman puzzle quilt block to make a 47” x 59” throw quilt pattern with 12” quilt blocks.

It’s an easy pattern when it comes to 3-yard quilts. The free pattern is easy to follow, and she gives step-by-step directions and makes a great lap-size quilt.

Again, this uses 3 one-yard cuts of fabric.  My niece loved the finished quilt.  My other niece has already put in her request to have one made for her birthday. 

I guess I know what my next project will be. I love letting them get on Amazon and pick out their fabric fabrics or they can go on Joann’s and buy the material they want and I simply pick it up. 

Mosaic Quilt Pattern

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Download Pattern: Mosaic Quilt Pattern

Grab your sewing machine and get it set up because you will want to make this mosaic quilt pattern.  Sarah has a new grand baby coming in her family, and it’s a boy, so she made one similar to the pattern.

It is the beautiful blues, and they are using it as a wall hanging using this quilt hanger. 

The pattern is easy to make, and you can totally customize it by simply changing the colors.  I always use my magnetic seam guide because I tend to not sew straight and this helps me sew every seam straight which is essential when making a quilt. 

If you are looking for a new pattern to make, this is such a fun one when it comes to 3-yard patterns. No matter what color palette you use, this is a beautiful design. 

Jacob’s Ladder Quilt Pattern

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Download Pattern: Jacob’s Ladder Quilt Pattern

You have probably heard of Jacob’s ladder, and so we wanted to include an easy pattern for you to try. It’s a great pattern for your first quilt because you will make 1 pattern and keep repeating it. 

The different blocks are then sewn together to give you this look. It’s perfect for quilters of all skill levels. Find your focus fabric and then get 2 other fabrics to go with it. 

Jessica created this quilt, and she said she loved this free three yard quilt pattern.  This free Jacob s ladder is the perfect pattern  for a quick weekend project.

If you don’t have a longarm sewing machine, you can easily use a running stitch quilting pattern to finish it off. 

Star Baby Quilt Pattern

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Download Pattern Star Baby Quilt Pattern

This quilt is precious for a little boys’ room. 3 yards is just enough fabric for the front pieces. You will need more fabric for the backing. You can easily use this as a crib quilt or wall hanging. 

It may look complicated, but it really isn’t, and she has the option for printing PDF download. That is such a great thing to do so you can follow each step. 

You can easily change the colors of the spaceship or stars to have a perfect match for the room decor. It doesn’t take much fabric, so you can use your fabric stash or find some fabric to make this unique design. 

The only problem you will have with all these patterns is picking the first one to make. Unlike traditional patterns you will find in a store, all of the patterns are in digital formats but super easy to download and follow.

We love all of these free 3-yard quilt patterns because they make the perfect lap quilt or crib quilt.

If you are wanting a professional finish using a longarm quilting machine you can reach out on your local Facebook group and see who in your area has one of the machines.

​If you did a finished lap quilt, it shouldn’t be that expensive to have it quilted. Make sure and check with them about the binding so you know what you need to cut before handing it over to be finished.

​3 Yard Quilt Patterns

See All: 3 Yard Quilt Patterns

We have an entire library of 3 yard quilt patterns that we know you will love. Some of the patterns are free to read and an optional PDF can be downloaded to help you follow the pattern. 

We would love to hear in the comments which one you are planning on making. When you finish the quilt, make sure and tag us on Facebook so we can highlight your work. 

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