tote bag with flowered fabric on bottom and purple middle fabric

6 Easy Reusable Shopping Bag Patterns To Make In An Hour


​If you have a favorite grocery store that doesn’t use plastic bags, or maybe you just want to be kinder to our environment. These shopping bag patterns are perfect for making in a weekend and carrying in your vehicle. 

If they get dirty, you can simply throw the finished bag in the washing machine and clean your market bag in an easy way to make sure they last for a really long time. 

Without further ado, here are the PDF sewing pattern for the shopping bag patterns. 

Shopping Bag Patterns

yellow with pink flowers shopping bag patterns
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Download PDF Shopping Bag Patterns

I have made several of our own free pattern and use them all the time for shopping. It’s a really simple sewing project that you can do in an hour or less even if you are newer to sewing. 

You can easily use a fat quarter or just a small amount of fabric. I always cut with my rotary cutter to have a clean top edge.

The handles of this bag are super sturdy and hold up well to all the groceries or items you pack into them. Download the free PDF files in our DIY Projects library. 

Wine Tote Bag

red and grey striped wine tote bag
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Download PDF: Wine Tote Bag

The wine tote bag pattern is the perfect holiday gift for any wine enthusiast in your life. This stylish and practical pattern allows you to create a beautiful tote bag that can carry and protect a bottle of wine in style.

 Whether you’re headed to a holiday party or just want to bring a bottle of wine to a friend’s house, this tote bag pattern is a must-have for any wine lover.

With its festive design and customizable options, this wine tote bag pattern is a fun and thoughtful gift idea. You can choose holiday-themed fabric to create a bag that’s perfect for the season, or opt for a more timeless design that can be used year-round. 

Plus, the handmade touch adds an extra special element to your gift, showing that you put thought and effort into creating something unique for your loved one.

Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just starting out, this pattern is a great way to spread holiday cheer and give the gift of wine in style.

Simply download the pattern and print on your home printer and you will easily have this project completed in an hour or less. 

Market Tote Bag

tote bag with blue floral fabric on top and cream bottom
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Download PDFMarket Tote bag

I made this tote bag a few weekends ago. I LOVE have much space it has. I did mine similar to this two toned market tote bag shown above. I download the PDF format and followed the instructions using my tablet. 

Additionally, I used heavier fabrics to create a very sturdy bag that I would be confident would hold a ton of items while shopping. We were headed to an antique mall and watched a durable bag but with a simple design. 

​This large tote is perfect for beginners and the pattern has photo tutorials and a video tutorial. She shows a ton of photos including adding the lining pieces which we all know can be tricky at times.  I added an interior pocket because I need a place for my keys and phone. 

Tote Bag Pattern

grocery tote bag with yellow and white fabric
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Download PDFTote Bag Pattern

These are the perfect size bags when you are only picking up a few items at the grocery store. I use them all the time. I did a really fun outer fabric  and a solid lining fabric. They turned out adorable. 

​Additionally, I added exterior pockets to my grocery shopping bags to put my receipts in.  I love fabric bags because foldable reusable grocery bags are so easy to store. 

​Furthermore, the flat bottom of the tote bag pattern make loading them up with items at the grocery store easier. 

Reusable Shopping Bag Pattern

tote bag made with grey and blue drapery fabric
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Download PDF: reusable shopping bag pattern

So, if you’re looking to be eco-friendly while shopping, reusable bags are the way to go! This tote bag is super versatile; you can use it for groceries, trips to the farmer’s market, or just regular shopping.

Now, let’s be real, those bags you get at the store? Not always the prettiest or the sturdiest. But here’s the deal: making your own means you get to pick the fabric, and trust me, they’re way tougher than the ones you buy.

If you’re all about tossing your bags in the washing machine, go for cotton or a cotton blend. Personally, I used drapery fabric, but you’ve got options like canvas, denim, or nylon pack cloth. Oh, and if you’re using lighter fabric for the lining, make sure to back it with a medium weight fusible stabilizer to keep it sturdy.

Now, here’s a cool combo I’ve been digging lately: outdoor fabric with an oilcloth lining. You can’t toss these in the machine, but the outdoor fabric is water and stain resistant, and the oilcloth?

Totally waterproof and a breeze to wipe clean. Talk about durability and style, for your own reusable shopping bag. 

Don’t forget to pins these to your favorite Pinterest board. We have all of the patterns on Pinterest. 

By the way, heavy items are perfect for drapery fabric. Woven fabric-heaver weight are my favorite for shopping bag patterns. 

Flying Geese Tote

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Download PDFFlying geese tote

These cute totes are so versatile. You can easily use the at the beach, grocery store or simply using in your car for organizing things in your trunk.

The pattern pieces are easy to put together and she has an instant download pattern so you can make it immediately.

I created a bag for my SUV. I did like she did and did a fun print on the bottom of the bag. I used leftover fabric from another project.

I used drapery fabric for the bag body to help it be sturdy and to help keep it clean.

If this is your first time sewing, I would probably start with an easier pattern. PS, this bag also makes a great picnic tote. So many fun options for these shopping bag patterns. 

We hope you saw some patterns you love. Shopping bag patterns are perfect for everyday life or as a gift. We have an entire library of Tote bag patterns. 

Tote Bag Patterns

Green tote with a flowered fabric in the middle

Download All Tote Bag Patterns

Let us know in the comments which pattern you are going to be making. 

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