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4 Day Sewing Camp With Fun and Easy Projects

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Transform your own virtual sewing camp with a selection of these fantastic projects. Whether you’re organizing a sewing camp for kids or simply looking to learn sewing over a four-day period, these projects will be perfect for you.

To assist you, we have prepared comprehensive guidelines to help you along the way. If you have questions, feel free to ask in our Facebook group.

Sewing Camp Schedule

On Day 1, it’s essential to begin by familiarizing yourself with setting up your sewing machine. Learn the seven crucial steps involved and gain hands-on experience by practicing sewing with our provided practice sheets.

Day 1 Activities

sewing practice sheets

Day 2 Sewing Camp Activities

On Day 2, let’s dive into simple sewing projects to get you started. Begin with Project 1, or if you have some extra time, feel free to tackle both projects..

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Day 3 Activities

Get creative with your home decor today and have some fun! These projects are designed to be easy and convenient, and chances are you already have the supplies on hand.

If not, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered with a supply list available.

Day 4 Sewing Camp Activities

You can still effortlessly complete these projects within an hour or less. Feel free to choose either one or both of them. Each project is accompanied by a list of supplies required.

sewing camp

If you are struggling to find a sewing classes near you, create your own online sewing camp with these easy projects. If you have questions, ask in our Facebook group.

Free Monthly Sewing Class

Each month, we also have an online sewing class. Every 3rd Friday and Saturday, we have a project not found in our library or on YouTube.

Each class is unique and available for 24 hours. We send out the links via email and in our Facebook group. See the upcoming class by going here. VIPs get the PDF of instructions and lifetime access to the free tutorial. 

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