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Best Rotary Cutter: 5 Amazing Choices

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A rotary cutter is a staple in sewing and quilting, helping you cut your fabric faster and with more precision. A rotary cutter enables you to cut through layers of fabric vs single layers of fabric with your fabric scissors.

 They make sewing and quilting faster and when you use a quilters ruler or cutting mat you will cut straighter lines.  Check out our 11 Free quilting Patterns if considering making a quilt.

What is a rotary cutter?

A rotary cutter consists of a handle, a rotating razor blade, and a protective safety guard. By gliding the cutter along fabric, the blade rotates and cleanly cuts through it. 

Rotary cutters excel not only in creating precise strips and shapes but also in the realm of dressmaking. They simplify the process of cutting multiple layers of fabric simultaneously, although it may require some experimentation to maintain accuracy. 

Additionally, rotary cutters prove invaluable when working with slippery fabrics like silk, velvet, and knits. Instead of lifting the fabric from the table, one can keep it flat and effortlessly cut through, resulting in tidy edges.

How to use a rotary cutter

To ensure optimal usage of rotary cutters, it is essential to employ a cutting mat beneath the fabric. This prevents any inadvertent marks or cuts on the underlying table, carpet, or surface. Given the sharpness of the blades, acquiring a cutting mat is a straightforward task, making it a necessary addition to your equipment.

For the most effective results, it is recommended to place the cutting mat on a solid surface such as a table or tiled floor. When a spongy surface like a carpet is beneath the mat, it tends to yield slightly under pressure, compromising the sharpness of the blade during cutting. Switching to a firmer base has proven transformative for my fabric cutting endeavors, particularly in various quilt projects.

Rotary Cutter

To facilitate a smoother cutting process, it is advisable to stand up while using the rotary cutter. This stance allows for more consistent downward pressure to be applied, contributing to improved cutting precision.

Before you begin cutting, it is advisable to practice holding the rotary cutter. You may choose to place your index finger on top or wrap all your fingers around the handle, depending on your preference. Maintain a straight wrist and ensure that you always cut away from yourself for safety reasons and to achieve a cleaner cut.

If you are using a ruler while cutting to help you have straight lines, securely hold it in place with your other hand, ensuring that your fingers are positioned on the ruler and not hanging over its edge. Apply pressure to the cutter and glide it alongside the ruler.

The cutting blade of the rotary cutter is circular and exceptionally sharp, allowing it to effortlessly glide through the fabric. Firm pressure is necessary to cut through the fabric effectively, but avoid exerting excessive force, as it may impede smooth cutting and increase the risk of slipping and hitting the ruler, potentially dulling the blade or chipping its edge.

Upon completing a cut, remember to lift the ruler instead of sliding it. Then, move it to the next position without moving the fabric, as this preserves accuracy.

Regularly clean the blade to remove dust and fabric lint, and promptly slide the protective guard back over the blade once you have finished cutting, ensuring safety before setting the cutter down.

Is There a Difference In Rotary Cutter Blades?

Rotary cutters are available in different sizes, and the blade size determines the cutting speed.

A 28 mm blade is smaller in size and particularly suitable for pattern cutting in dressmaking, as it excels at maneuvering tight curves and making small cuts.

The most common blade size is 45mm, which is versatile and well-suited for general usage across various fabric-cutting tasks.

For cutting strips and trimming fabric lengths, a 60mm blade is ideal. Larger cutters like this can handle thicker fabrics and cut through multiple layers at once. 

They are often used in conjunction with cutting mats and rulers, significantly accelerating the fabric-cutting process for quilting and home sewing projects.

Best Fabric Cutter

We reached out to people on our email list and asked which rotary cutter they loved. Here are the top picks. 

Olfa Rotary Cutter

If you are new to rotary cutters, the  Olfa Deluxe, is a remarkable tool equipped with a versatile 45 mm blade and an ergonomically designed handle. This nifty cutter is an excellent choice to cut through your fabric of your latest sewing or quilting project. 

Its standout feature lies in its handle, meticulously crafted for comfort, especially during the task of cutting large batches of fabric.

Those familiar with the arduous process of cutting hundreds of fabric pieces for a queen-size quilt project will appreciate this delightful feature.

The Olfa Deluxe caters to both right-handed and left-handed users, ensuring accessibility for all makers. As an added safety measure, the blade is ingeniously designed to automatically retract preventing accidental cuts. 

Simply exert a gentle squeeze on the handle while cutting to effortlessly release the blade. This thoughtful design element enhances safety and ease of use.

Fiskars rotary cutter

Introducing the Titanium Carbide Roller Cutter, a versatile tool designed for cutting multiple layers in sewing, patchwork, and papercraft projects. Its exceptional features make it an ideal choice for both right and left-handed users.

The roller cutter boasts a non-slip softgrip handle that provides utmost comfort and optimum control during usage. It incorporates a convenient knob that allows for easy locking and unlocking of the blade, ensuring secure operation.

With titanium carbide-coated blades, this cutter delivers precise cuts through several layers of material. The titanium carbide coating enhances the durability and sharpness of the blades, enabling them to effortlessly slice through various fabrics and materials.

Furthermore, the blade position is adjustable, catering to both right and left-handed users. This adaptable design accommodates the needs of different individuals, ensuring a comfortable and ergonomic cutting experience.

The cutter comes equipped with a 60mm diameter blade, providing a generous cutting surface. In case of blade replacement, additional blades are available (Item No.: 1004738), ensuring continuous usage of the cutter for prolonged projects.

Choose the Titanium Carbide Roller Cutter for its exceptional cutting performance, comfortable grip, and adaptability to different users’ preferences.

Olfa Splash rotary cutters

Experience the power of the Razor Sharp 45 mm Rotary cutter Blades! This exceptional rotary cutter comes pre-loaded with an RB45 Rotary Blade crafted from high-quality tungsten tool steel. The result?

Unmatched sharpness and superior edge retention that will elevate your cutting projects to new heights.

Designed with your comfort in mind, our rotary cutter features a comfortable and durable handle. The ergonomic design ensures a contoured grip for effortless cutting, while finger grooves prevent slippage during use.

Additionally, the vibrant aqua handle adds a delightful splash of color to your cutting experience. Conveniently, the cutter also includes a hang-hole for easy storage.

Say goodbye to hassle when it comes to blade replacement. Our 45mm Rotary Cutter boasts a quick-change blade system, enabling simple and safe blade changes.

You can switch blades with ease, ensuring uninterrupted workflow. Furthermore, the built-in blade cover enhances user safety, providing an extra layer of protection when the cutter is not in use.

Experience intricate and accurate cutting with precision. Our rotary cutter is designed to handle a wide variety of materials with ease.

From fleece and felt to wool, cotton, leather, suede, foam, vinyl, and more, this versatile tool delivers detailed cuts on various surfaces.

With its impressive cutting capacity, it can effortlessly handle up to 8 layers of cotton fabric.

Choose the Razor Sharp 45mm Rotary Blade for a cutting experience that combines sharpness, comfort, and precision.

Elevate your crafting, sewing, and quilting projects with this exceptional tool.

Omnigrid 45mm rotary cutter

This rotary cutter has a soft ergonomic handle and is perfect for both left hand and right hand users.  It has a 44 mm rotary blade that is a stainless steel blade.

It is great for accurate cuts especially when used with an acrylic ruler.  It cut lines with a clean cut and you can easily order replacement blades when you need a new blade. 

Rotary Cutter Set

If you are looking for an entire set that includes the mat and other sewing notions, this is the perfect combo. It’s a great choice if you don’t currently have a cutting mat. 

It includes a 45 mm deluxe rotary cutter and a ton of handy tool for precise cutting and sewing. The tool set is great for any sewer or quilter. 


How to sharpen rotary cutter blades?

You don’t want to try to sharpen dull blades, simply order replacement blades for your rotary cutter.

Where do I buy rotary cutter blades?

Replacement blades can be purchased at Walmart, Amazon, or sometimes your local quilting store.

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