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7 Best Sewing Table

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When you start out sewing or quilting, your dining room table can act as a great sewing table but if you have the space and budget, it’s nice to have a dedicated space to cut fabrics, store your sewing machine and other supplies.

Here are some of our favorite sewing tables, depending on your needs. If you are newer to sewing, we also have a great post on the sewing supplies you need.

Best Sewing Table

We are going to break these up into a few different categories.

Sewing Machine Table with Storage

Let’s start with the sewing table with the most storage because there are some definite ones that keep everything hidden and your sewing room tidy.

Arrow Sewing Cabinets

best cutting table

The Arrow K8405 Wallaby Kangaroo Cutting Table is an investment, but if you have the room and dedicated sewing space, this may be a great choice for you. It has a place for your sewing machine, thread, and all your notions.

arrow sewing cabinets

The Arrow Lavern and Shirley help create a cohesive workstation. It has a sewing machine storage place, but also has. rolling storage unit for all your fabric and supplies, but also a protective built-in ironing board, so you can sew and iron without having to leave your chair.

It’s perfect for when you need a quick ironing of your seams when quilting or sewing clothes. This is a great choice if you have a dedicated room for your sewing.

Sewing Machine with Table for Small Spaces

If you are tight on space or your sewing room is also an office or guest space, here are a few of our favorite sewing table that store away when not in use.

sewing table for small spaces

This is probably one of my favorite choices when it comes to small spaces. It has so much storage and as you can see you can add some baskets and your sewing machine to stay organized.

The best part is you can simply fold up your sewing table when finished and everything is tucked away. When opened it’s a sewing table and when closed it is simply a table in an office or guest room.

I also love this cabinet. When it comes to beauty and storage, it is an outstanding addition to any sewing space. I love all the storage it has and that when it’s closed up it looks just like a piece of furniture.

sewing table

The storage bins are a great place to hide all the sewing machine needles, sewing thread and even fabric you are using in your next project. I love that it takes up very little space in a room and could even be put in a closet if you need more space.

Our Sewing Basket would be a great fit for the storage shelf. They are super easy to make and store so many things while complimenting your decor.

Antique Sewing Table

An antique sewing table probably brings back memories of sewing with your mom or grandmother. If you are lucky enough to still have one in your family, consider yourself blessed.

I have seen a few at thrift stores and on Facebook marketplace. It’s always a good idea if you are looking for one, to check eBay and to ask in Facebook groups.

You never know when someone has one in a garage or spare room and will never use it. Check on eBay for pricing suggestions if you are unsure how much they are going for when it comes to resale.

sewing table

Ikea Sewing Table

Whether you have an Ikea store near you or order online, there are some great options when it comes to this mega store.

This Ikea sewing table can be used as a sewing table or workspace. It is under $200 and offers plenty of space for your sewing machine and drawers to store all your necessary items.

Always check the recommended weight for the tables at Ikea. We would hate for you to put all your sewing items on the table and it can’t hold the weight.

Here’s another great option when it comes to an Ikea sewing table. This corner workspace is perfect for that corner spot that you could work from.

It has plenty of storage and to keep things looking tidy, simply add some cute baskets. It also has a magnetic board to write notes on supplies you need or about your latest project.

Folding Sewing Table

I already mentioned a few above but it is worth noting there are several metal ones currently on the market that are worth taking a look into.

They all fold out when in use, but fold up when you need the space for other uses. Some will hide away your sewing machine, while others you would need to store your sewing machine in a closet.

The one thing I don’t love about them is that they don’t have storage bins so you would need a space to store your sewing threads and other sewing notions.

Here are a few that have great reviews on Amazon.

sewing table

Love how you can put your machine on the table, but I, personally, need more storage for all my stuff.

sewing table

Love how this one looks like a piece of furniture and folds up nicely. Add some fabric baskets for storage to complete this look. We also love that it has casters so you can roll it around when you need it.

It does have ample space when folded out for your machine and sewing notions.

So many choices when it comes to the perfect sewing table for your space and budget. I would love to hear what you are using for your sewing table. Tell us in the comments.

DIY Sewing Table

If you are handy, you can also make a sewing table. Here are a few Sewing table plans to check out.

Finding the perfect sewing table for you depends on your needs and space. I hope you have found some great options. If you have further questions, come ask in the Facebook group. The ladies would be more than happy to answer any questions and give an opinion.

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