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5 Easy Tote Patterns To Sew In Various Sizes


Looking for a fun and practical sewing project with tote patterns? Tote bags are versatile, functional, and make for a great addition to anyone’s collection of accessories. 

Whether you’re an experienced seamstress or just starting out, there are plenty of free tote patterns available that cater to all skill levels. In this blog post, we’ll explore five fabulous tote bag patterns that are perfect for everyday use or traveling. 

From simple designs to more intricate styles, there’s something for everyone to enjoy creating. So, grab your sewing machine and let’s dive into the world of tote bags!

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Bag Tote Pattern

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Free Tote Patterns:  Bag Tote Pattern

This tote is perfect for travel or like you can see a catch all place for your crafts. I have mine filled with yarn for all my crochet patterns 

This free tote bag pattern is easy to put together with detailed instructions. You can easily add an interior pocket. 

This is a large tote that is perfect for any sewing skill level. The free pattern includes a pdf download.  Sarah also made this and she uses them in her car. 

They hold things like paper towels and extra oil for her car. She did the outer fabric in waterproof fabric. She easily cleans the outer panels with 

Easy Tote Bag Pattern

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Free Tote Bag PatternEasy Tote Bag Pattern

Got some leftover fabric lying around from your past sewing adventures? Well, here’s a classy tote bag pattern just for you – because being resourceful is your thing!

This pattern is delightfully simple, complete with a zipper and a handy side pocket. Oh, and the opening?

Easy access, thanks to those convenient magnetic snaps. Give it a go and rock that chic look with this free sewing pattern.

Small Tote Bag Pattern

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PDF Pattern: Small Tote Bag Pattern

Check this out – there are double pattern panels in this tote, and they’re split by a pair of shoulder straps that go down to the very bottom.

Plus, there’s a handy interior pocket waiting for you to stash your tissues and cards! 

This small tote pattern is perfect for those quick errands or doubling up as a stylish makeup bag. This simple design available in a PDF pattern is such easy tote bags to make. 

Janice reviewed this for our team, she ended up making several of these free bag patterns. They make great gifts or use it as an everyday bag.

She said the cutting of the pattern pieces is easier with rotary cutters making straight lines. 

Quilted Tote Bag Pattern

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PDF Pattern: Quilted Tote bag Pattern

Check out this awesome patchwork tote bag pattern – it brings together five different colored prints for both the front and back of the bag.

But guess what? You’re in charge here – use as few or as many prints as you fancy. 

It’s a fantastic way to use up those leftover fabrics, and the best part? Total customization. Feel like adding an interior or exterior pocket? Go for it, and make it uniquely yours!

​Melissa made this pattern and actually adjusted it to different sizes. She uses one when she goes to the grocery store and added water resistant lining fabric and exterior pockets to hold her pen and list. 

This is such a fast sew that you can do in a weekend and makes such a cute bag. It’s the perfect tote for everyday use or even a diaper bag. This would be a great first project. 

Market Tote Bag Pattern

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PDF Pattern: Market Tote Bag Pattern

Picture this – your weekly grocery store visit just got a whole lot easier with this oversized tote bag. It’s got massive storage space and a design that’s totally user-friendly.

And here’s the cool part – the pattern hooks you up with two sets of fabric straps. Long ones to sling over your shoulder, short ones for a classic hand-held vibe.

Oh, and wait for it – you can even roll it up and pocket it, making it the ultimate in portability! How convenient is that?

Amy created this bag for our team. She said the sewing instructions were easy to follow and is a great alternative to plastic bags at the grocery store. It’s a simple tote bag that can easily be made in a few hours or less. 

Additionally, Amy added an internal pocket for all the small items she needs while she shops. 

Beach Bag Pattern

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PDF Pattern: Beach Bag Pattern

Heading to the beach or pool with all your stuff can be a real hassle – but no worries, we’ve got your back with this heavy-duty beach bag!

Check this out – the bag comes with rope handles securely attached by metal grommets, making it super durable for all your bulky items.

And here’s a fun touch: pom-pom trim to add a burst of color to the design. Stylish, practical and the perfect size – just what you need for a day out in the sun!

Tote Patterns

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PDF Pattern: Tote Patterns

Hold up before you toss those worn-out tank tops hiding in the back of your closet! Why not turn them into these adorable tank top totes? And guess what?

You get to pick – go for a gathered base or opt for some exterior pockets.

Quick tip: Grab tanks with the same front and back neckline to keep things symmetrical. It’s a fun way to give those tops a second life!

Several on our team made these as we cleaned out our closets. 

This is such a great option to recycle items in your closet.  You can also add some contrasting fabric if you want to mix and match. The best thing is, it cost you nothing but your time to make these. 

Hopefully you found a few great tote patterns to make for your next sewing project. Our team had a blast making this bags and love using them everyday. We are grateful to the designers who took the time to create the patterns. 

We know from our own sewing library that it takes so much time to write up patterns and create the guides. Make sure and show them some love by leaving comments telling them thank you for sharing their love of sewing with you. 

Looking for more tote patterns? We have you covered. Here are the bags in our Tote Bag Pattern series. We hope you find several bags to make or to give as gifts. 

Tote Bag Patterns

Patterns for Tote Bags

Quilted Tote Bag Pattern

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