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7 Free Sewing Handbag Patterns You Will Love


You can create your own tote bags, handbags, and other fabric bags with these awesome free bag sewing handbag patterns.

You can never have enough bags, especially when they’re as fashionable as these! 

Our team has compiled the ultimate collection of my all-time favorite bag patterns just for you. These DIY bags and purse patterns offer a variety of styles to suit your taste. 

Whether you’re looking for a quick clutch you can sew in just 10 minutes or a stunning, sophisticated handbag, there’s something for everyone. Get ready to enjoy sewing them all!

Sewing Supplies:

Hobo Bag Pattern

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Download Sewing Handbag Patterns: Hobo Bag Pattern

​This is my favorite bag and I have 2. One is a denim bag made from recycled wrangler jeans and one is made with beautiful spring fabric. It has 2 pockets inside for all those small items like keys and chapstick. 

It’s an easy pattern to make, and we have included the tutorial you can print out. In the denim bag, we increased the strap to make it more of a cross body bag.  

That isn’t included in the instructions as we haven’t had time to update it, but all you simply need to do is increase the shoulder strap.  We also used Velcro to close the top, but you could also use a magnetic snap or button. 

Drawstring Bag Pattern

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Download Sewing Handbag Patterns: Drawstring Bag Pattern

We created this drawstring bag and love it for trips or our annual beach trip. The pattern is easy to follow, and you can download the PDF and make it for yourself. 

We have a sewing library for easy access to all of our free patterns. We found this fabric at Hobby Lobby and love the bright colors. Such a great way to create a functional bag but add a pop of color. 

Tote Bag Pattern

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Download Sewing Handbag Patterns: Tote Bag Pattern

Check out this versatile tote with stylish cut-out handles, available in two sizes. The small size is perfect for everyday use as a handbag, while the large size is ideal for a spacious work tote or a beach bag.

The PDF pattern includes 9 pages of sewing instructions, accompanied by 23 detailed color photos to guide you through the process.

Finished Sizes:

Small – 9-1/2” long x 14” tall x 3” wide (24cm x 35.5cm x 7.6cm)

Large – 13” long x 21-1/4” tall x 5” wide (33cm x 54cm x 12.7cm)

Amy reviewed this pattern for our team and used a fabric panel to replicate the look in the photo. It’s a farm style panel and turned out so cute. She added a magnetic snap to help keep it closed and said that along with these tote bag patterns, she has several bag in her closet. 

Handbag Pattern

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Download Sewing Handbag Patterns: Handbag Pattern

This is your everyday handbag, complete with lining and simple straps. It comes with a recessed zipper and has enough space for all your daily essentials. Despite its simplicity, this handbag doesn’t compromise on style.  You can use faux leather if you love the leather look or cotton fabric for this stylish bag.

It’s perfect for casual everyday use and adds an elegant touch for special occasions too. This simple design includes Step by step instructions and only uses a yard of fabric. 

​Jessica on our team created a purse using this pattern. Oh, my it turned out so cute, and she said the PDF sewing pattern is perfect to understand. 

Sewing Pattern Cross Body Bag

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Download Sewing Handbag Patterns: Sewing Pattern Cross Body Bag

Here’s a nifty small crossbody bag designed with minimal cut pieces, so you can dive right into sewing! It comes with convenient zipper pockets both inside and outside for your storage needs. 

The top of the bag is secured with a fully-enclosed recessed zipper. You have the option to use a single fabric for the exterior or mix it up with two different fabrics for a unique touch!

The PDF pattern is packed with 10 pages of sewing instructions, featuring 26 detailed step-by-step color photos to guide you through the process.

Finished Size: 10” long x 10-1/2” high x 1-1/2” deep (25cm x 27cm x 4cm)

Angela created this bag and reviewed it for you. She said this is the perfect bag for everyday use. All you need is the free pattern, sewing machine, some skill level for the zipper and in an afternoon you will have a beautiful bag completed. 

She said the pictures are very helpful, and you get an instant download of the pattern. She printed her pattern and used some bright colors and contrasting color for the shoulder strap.  She sent me pictures and wow it was so cute. You could probably create different sizes if you are good at adjusting detailed instructions.

Japanese Knot Bag 

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Download Sewing Handbag Patterns:  Japanese Knot Bag 

Ever heard of a Japanese knot bag? It’s like a small open tote bag, but with a cool twist. Instead of regular handles, it has asymmetrical handles, and one slips through the other to create a knot and close the bag.  

The handle lengths can vary, with one being slightly longer or even up to three times longer than the other. Such a great beginner sewing pattern.

The longer handle allows you to loop it through the other and carry the bag without any concerns about your stuff spilling out. No need for zippers, buttons, or drawstrings – it’s all about the clever knot design!

Sandy created these bags for her granddaughters. She said they are perfect because they aren’t a big bag and is the perfect size for carrying a lot of stuff. Definitely download the free PDF and create a few as gifts. 

She used simple cotton fabric for these small purses. They are the ideal bag for leftover fabric from other projects.

Duffle Bag Pattern

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Download Sewing Handbag Patterns:  Duffle Bag Pattern

Looking to make the perfect travel companion? This duffle bag pattern is just what you need! The rectangular zipper bag with a flat bottom and short straps is ideal for packing your travel wardrobe neatly and without wrinkles. 

Plus, the outer pockets with buttons are super convenient for quick access to your essentials. If you’re all about functional bags, this one is definitely up your alley! This is a simple bag for the weekend or the gym. Simply add your favorite water bottle and you will be ready to work out. 

Susan created this free bag sewing patterns as a gift for her friend. She said it was so much fun to make, and she loved the great result at the end.  

She said the instructions were easy to follow, and she loved all the pockets and storage in the duffle bag. 

Did you find a gorgeous free bag pattern to make? We hope you did. We love all these bags and had a blast reviewing them for you. 

Sewing Patterns

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