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17 Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners: Free Patterns


Maybe you’ve just acquired a new sewing machine (or rediscovered an old one tucked away in your closet), and you’re eager to start creating fabulous projects.

However, the learning curve can be intimidating when you’re just starting out. No worries, we have compiled easy sewing projects for beginners. 

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Sewing doesn’t have to feel hard or like you will never be able to complete it. I’ve compiled a collection of beginner-friendly sewing projects just for you.

These simple sewing tutorials and free patterns are tailor-made for novice sewers like yourself. They’re perfect for building your confidence and skills as you embark on your sewing journey.

If it’s been a while since you have sewn, practice your sewing skills with our practice sheets. Practice your straight lines before tackling any projects. I also love the seam gauge as it is a great way to sew straight lines. 

Sewing Supplies For Beginners:

These are just some of the easy accessories that make sewing easier. It’s the little things that make sewing easier and less frustrating and although this list isn’t exhaustive, it’s a great start for supplies you might want to pick up. 

Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners

Easy Sewing Projects For Beginners

If you are looking for easy beginner sewing projects, you have come to the right place. Sewing should include fun sewing projects and with the free printable sewing patterns, you can easily make some easy crafts. 

Don’t forget if you haven’t sewn in a while to pick up our practice sheets to help you sew straight lines and get really good at pivoting your needle in the corners.

It’s the perfect time to learn a new skill or find the love of sewing again. 

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