Fabric Pumpkins Pattern

15 Fabric Pumpkins Pattern: Easy Free Sewing Patterns

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Grab your sewing machine and some fall fabrics pieces and create these fabric pumpkins patterns and tutorials, Your fall decor will be brightened up in just a weekend. These are 12 of our favorite easy fabric pumpkins to make. 

Fabric Pumpkins Pattern

Fabric Pumpkins Pattern Supplies

Here are our favorite fall fabric and supplies we recommend before you get started.

All these patterns are a breeze to follow, and guess what? Most of them won’t cost you a dime as they are a free pattern.

Sure, there are a couple of paid ones, but personally, I don’t mind paying a few dollars to support a fellow creator for a printable pumpkin pattern, and I reckon you won’t either!

Fabric Pumpkin Pattern

Any of these Halloween pumpkins would look super cute in your home’s spooky setup. And if Halloween isn’t your jam, you can totally rock these pumpkin ideas for some awesome autumn or fall decor.

Who needs to carve a pumpkin real pumpkins when you can whip up a fabric one that’ll stick around for years? 

Save These Patterns

Save these patterns for later when you are ready to create them

These easy DIY fabric pumpkins can be made with any type of fabric. Whether you love Halloween or fall time of year, these fabric pumpkin sewing patterns are super cute and have different options. Can’t wait to see some on your dining table or living room.

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