Jell roll quilt patterns

12 Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns: Easy and Beautiful


Quilting has become incredibly convenient with the introduction of jelly rolls.

Grab your jelly roll fabric and make a beautiful quilt in a day with these 12 Jelly roll quilt Patterns.

Additionally, if you need a convenient chart to know the size of your quilt to determine fabric, download our Quilt Size Chart. 

If you are a beginner quilter, jelly roll quilts patterns are easier.

I would start with the Jelly roll race quilt patterns as they are simply sewing raw edges of strips of fabric.

There isn’t a ton of cutting or measuring, so the frustration level is lower. 

Jell roll quilt patterns

What is Jelly Roll Fabric?

A Jelly roll is a delicious pastry, but in quilting terms it is a 2.5″ strip cut the width of the fabric.

When you buy it from a store or Amazon, your rolls come with 42 pre-cut strips.

Your fabric strips will come in coordinating colors, so you don’t have to spend much time figuring out which colors go together.  

That is great for those of us who struggle to coordinate fabrics. 

​If you struggle with coordinating fabrics, find someone who scrapbooks.

My daughter does, and her eye for coordinating colors is amazing. She said she learned it when she was scrapbooking years ago. 

What are Jelly Roll Quilts?

Hey there! Ever heard of jelly roll quilts? They’re a cool type of patchwork quilt made using these pre-cut fabric strips called jelly rolls.

These rolls are about 2.5 inches wide and come in different lengths, usually around 42-44 inches.

The best part is that they’re sold in coordinated fabric collections, so you can easily create a quilt that looks super cohesive and visually stunning.

Here’s how it works: you take these pre-cut strips and sew them together in different arrangements to create blocks or larger sections for your quilt top.

You can get creative and sew them in straight lines, diagonal patterns, or any design you like, depending on your personal preference.

Once you’ve got your quilt top all pieced together, you layer it with batting and a backing fabric, and then you quilt it all together.

That adds some texture and stability to the quilt, making it all snug and cozy.

The best part about using jelly rolls is that they save you a bunch of time since you don’t have to do as much cutting.

That’s a big win for quilters who want to make beautiful quilts without spending forever on the prep work.

Jell roll quilt patterns

Plus, with the pre-coordinated fabric collections, you know the colors and patterns will all look great together, giving you a fantastic finished product.

Jelly roll quilting has become super popular in the quilting community.

Additionally, there are loads of quilt patterns and designs specifically made for jelly rolls, so you won’t have any trouble finding inspiration and guidance for your own awesome projects. Give it a shot, and happy quilting!

Jelly Rolls for Quilting: Where to Find Fabric

If you have a local quilt store near you, it’s always a good idea to stop in there and see if they have a pre-cut jelly roll fabric.

You can also check on Amazon for some beautiful rolls,  at fabric companies like Moda Fabrics, Missouri Star Quilt Company, or Fat Quarter Shop online.  

You can also create your own jelly roll strips by simply cutting 2.5″ strips, the width of fabric. 

Quilting Essentials:

Each pattern how its own supplies listed, but here are just a few that I love and find helpful when quilting.

I especially LOVE my magnetic seam guide, as I am not the straightest sewer. 

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Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

These free jelly roll quilt patterns are great for a beginner quilter or if you simply want a new project.

The fabric pieces can be used with a variety of colors, and you get to decide your sizes: Lap quilt, baby quilt or a full-size quilt for a bed. Don’t forget to download our quilt sizes chartso you know how many pieces you need.

Jelly Roll Race Quilt

You are going to love these jelly roll quilt patterns.

There are some beautiful ones to choose from. If you are a beginner, these are great patterns to start with.

Jelly Roll Quilts Free Patterns

Let’s continue looking at free quilt patterns, so you can find the perfect pattern.

There are some gorgeous quilt in this section that no doubt you will love. Don’t forget to download your favorite PDF pattern on the blog post. 

Jelly Roll Quilts

How about a few more patterns? Have you found a few yet to make? Let us know in the comments. We love to see what you are making. 

Jelly roll quilts are so easy to make with pre-cut jelly roll fabric.

Any of these patterns would make the perfect quilt for a bed, to take a nap on the couch or for a sweet precious baby. 

Huge thank you to all the amazing quilters who showcase their talent on websites, so we can have Jelly roll quilt patterns to copy and make our own.

Make sure and show each of them some love and leave a comment thanking them for sharing their gift. 

If you have ever quilted, you know it takes time and patience to make a quilt and when you are taking photos of each step and writing directions, it takes forever.

We hope you enjoy these free jelly roll patterns and save your digital download for your favorite patterns. 

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