Easter bunny treat bag

Adorable Easter Bunny Treat Bag – DIY Tutorial


This Easter bunny treat bag is so simple to make. All you need is some fabric and scissors and, of course, candy or treats. Here’s how to do it.

Easter Bunny treat bag supplies

Treat bag instructions

First you want to cut out the pattern and make sure you iron your material before cutting out your pattern. To make it easier, fold your material in half, so you only have to cut once.

Easter bunny treat bag

Second, Pin your pattern to your fabric and cut out your pieces. You should have 2 separate, identical pieces. You will want to keep them with the wrong sides together and head over to your sewing machine.

Next, sew your pieces, leaving the top open, so you can put your candy or treats inside. After sewing, add in your candy or treats.

Finally, using baker twine or string, tie right below the ears to close up your treat bag. I love to put these on people’s plates for Easter dinner. For adults, we put in candy and lotto tickets, but simply add your favorite items.

You can watch the entire tutorial from start to finish below.

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