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14 Best Sewing Scissors You Need in Your Sewing Room

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High-quality scissors play a vital role for individuals engaged in sewing or quilting. When selecting suitable sewing scissors, it is essential to prioritize factors such as sharpness, durability, corrosion resistance, and appropriateness for the specific task. 

Rather than seeking a single pair of “best scissors,” it is worth utilizing scissors specifically designed for various projects, including dressmaking, quilting, bag making, hand sewing, and embroidery. 

Additionally, considering comfort is crucial; the size of your hand influences the optimal scissor size and whether they should be lightweight or heavy. Many scissors now have ergonomic handles for improved comfort, along with soft-grip handles. 

 Lastly, it is advantageous to explore options offering a lifetime warranty or guarantee when purchasing scissors.

If you’re new to sewing, it’s common to receive a pair of scissors as part of a sewing kit. While they may appear aesthetically pleasing initially, more often than not, these scissors are poorly manufactured and of low quality.

It’s essential to have a good pair of scissors as they are the most important tools and worth the extra cost.

What are the best sewing scissors?

Below, I give you my top 9 recommendations for fabric-cutting scissors. Among them, there are three pairs that I consider indispensable for sewing, followed by additional suggestions that I highly recommend if they fit within your budget. 

Rest assured, this list encompasses a variety of options to cater to your specific requirements. It’s worth noting that many of these manufacturers also offer left-handed scissors for your convenience and different sizes depending on your needs, such as cutting thick fabrics while still getting clean cuts.

Guggenhein 9’’ Dressmaker Shears

best sewing scissors

For every sewist, it is a good idea to begin with a generous-sized pair of sewing shears. These shears serve multiple purposes, such as cutting out fabric pattern pieces, trimming seams, and effortlessly slicing through numerous layers of fabric.

I highly recommend the remarkable 9” Dressmaking scissors from Guggenhein for their exceptional performance. These heavy-duty shears boast longer blades compared to other scissors, making them ideal for dressmaking tasks, such as cutting out large pattern pieces, as well as serving as quilting scissors for efficiently cutting yardage and batting on a flat surface.

Additionally, their sharp blades and sturdy tips are particularly advantageous for effortlessly clipping notches in thick seams, a task that smaller scissors often struggle with. These versatile shears excel at cutting a wide range of fabrics, from lightweight cotton to heavy materials like denim and even leather.

Despite their metal handles, they remain remarkably comfortable to hold, ensuring a pleasant experience even after extended use. Furthermore, the larger blades enhance precision when cutting straight lines.

​Undoubtedly, these tailor scissors are of premium quality, crafted from high carbon steel. What sets them apart is the exceptional bluing process used to imbue the steel with its unique color, a feature that distinguishes them from other scissors that typically feature a chrome or nickel coating. 

Impressed by their performance, I personally purchased two additional pairs of these scissors to gift to my daughter and sister-in-law. They appreciate not only the length of the blade, but also the razor-sharp edge, which undoubtedly makes their sewing easier.

Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Scissors

best sewing scissors

During my early days of sewing, I failed to recognize the significance of having a compact pair of scissors readily available. I believed that larger scissors could handle all tasks, so why bother with additional purchases? Well, to some extent, my assumption held true. 

However, as I gained experience, I came to appreciate the value of small scissors for making precise small cuts effortlessly and accurately trimming small fabric pieces, such as appliqués or shapes cut with templates. 

Notably, these small scissors often feature ergonomic, soft-grip rubber handles, ensuring optimal comfort. If you experience hand fatigue, have arthritis, or simply wish to avoid unnecessary strain, I strongly advise investing in high-quality small scissors.

Spare yourself the torment and make your sewing experience more enjoyable. These are definitely some of the best sewing scissors.

​When it comes to small scissors, I highly recommend any model crafted by Karen Kay Buckley. Personally, I find the 7” size to be my favorite. 

These fabric scissors are designed with large, comfortable handles, providing an excellent grip for enhanced control. Their cutting performance is remarkable, offering effortless precision.  As an added benefit, these scissors feature serrated blades, a subtle yet valuable feature.

The serrated edges effectively prevent fabrics from slipping during cutting, ensuring greater accuracy. Karen Kay Buckley scissors are available in various sizes, and you may find yourself acquiring more than one pair due to their exceptional quality.

These are definitely one of the best sewing scissors.

Thread snips

best sewing scissors

I have to admit, it took me quite a while to stumble upon this sewing tool as well. I suppose I can be a bit of a penny pincher at times! 

However, the pair of Tula Pink thread snips. If you haven’t experienced the magic of thread snips yet, you have no idea how indispensable they are for countless projects, ranging from quilting to embroidery. These snips excel at cutting fraying threads with precision, leaving my projects unharmed.

 What I hadn’t realized until using them is the sheer joy of saving energy that would otherwise be expended when using regular scissors.

As an added bonus, the titanium coating on these snips not only enhances their durability and resistance to rust, but also imparts them with captivating color patterns.

These are definitely one of the best sewing scissors.

I found myself constantly shuffling these thread snips around my sewing room until I decided to invest in additional pairs, ensuring I had a set next to every sewing machine. To save a few bucks, I opted for Havel brand thread snips, which, while slightly smaller, proved to be nearly as impressive as my beloved Tula Pink rainbow snips.

Now, let’s move on to other scissors that I adore, each serving a specific purpose:

Pinking Shears:

 These specialized scissors feature zigzag blades that create a decorative edge while reducing fabric fraying. They add a lovely touch to finished seams and edges. These are definitely some of the best sewing scissors.

Appliqué Scissors:

 Designed with a pointed and curved tip, these scissors excel at precisely trimming fabric around appliqué shapes, ensuring clean and professional-looking results.

Seam Ripper: 

While not technically scissors, a good seam ripper is an essential tool. Look for a sturdy, sharp ripper with a comfortable handle. It will save you countless hours by swiftly undoing stitching mistakes.

Embroidery Scissors: 

These small, sharp scissors are ideal for intricate embroidery work. Their fine, pointed tips allow for precise cutting, enabling you to neatly trim threads and work with delicate fabrics.

Paper Scissors:

 It’s wise to keep a separate pair of scissors for cutting paper patterns or templates to prevent dulling the blades of your fabric scissors. Choose a pair that feels comfortable and cuts through paper effortlessly.

Remember, investing in specialized scissors for various tasks can significantly improve your sewing experience and yield professional-looking results.

A good pair of sewing scissors creates precise cuts for different purposes and are some of the best scissors for sewing.

Spring loaded scissors for rag quilts

best sewing scissors

Rag quilts offer a cozy and enjoyable sewing experience but the process of cutting snips in the seams can quickly tire out your hands. When I embarked on my first rag quilt, I quickly realized the need for a reliable tool and promptly purchased a pair of Fiskars spring-loaded heavy-duty scissors. 

The soft plastic handles of these scissors provide excellent hand comfort, especially since they effortlessly pop open after every cut. The stainless steel blades are another noteworthy feature, as they ensure resistance to corrosion, sparing any concerns in that regard. 

If you’re planning to make a rag quilt, I highly recommend investing in a pair of spring-loaded scissors with a comfortable handle right from the start.

Don’t wait to experience the relief and ease they provide. These are definitely one of the best sewing scissors.

Kai 8’’ Pinking Shears

best sewing scissors

Pinking shears are not limited to decorative cutting alone; their utility extends beyond that. Personally, I find them indispensable for trimming seams that I want to prevent from fraying, especially when I’m short on time or prefer not to finish the seams with my Serger. 

Moreover, when faced with the task of cutting numerous notches in curved seams to ensure smooth turning, pinking shears prove to be the ultimate solution. With a single swipe, I can effortlessly create multiple notches, streamlining the process. The generous 8-inch blade length further facilitates larger cuts, ultimately saving precious time.

When it comes to scissors, Kai brand scissors have consistently impressed me. Whether it’s their dressmaking shears or, in particular, their pinking shears, the quality remains outstanding. The smooth handle design ensures a comfortable grip, even when tackling multiple layers or thicker fabrics.

On a related note, I learned from a friend that Kai offers a commendable service—free scissor sharpening, with the only requirement being that you cover the postage costs.

I encourage you to reach out to them through their website for further details on this amazing offering. These are definitely one of the best sewing scissors.

Double Curved Machine Embroidery Scissors

best sewing scissors

For machine embroidery enthusiasts, owning a pair of double-curved machine embroidery scissors is an absolute must. These specialized scissors feature a bent handle designed specifically to aid in reaching down into the embroidery hoop. 

With these scissors, you’ll be able to neatly and closely trim appliqué pieces and other fabrics directly within the hoop, ensuring precise results. Additionally, the bent handles also make trimming jump threads a breeze.

All my friends that Embroidery say their personal favorite is the Ginghers. These scissors boast exceptionally sharp blades, making them effortless to cut with. Their superior cutting performance sets them apart from the rest, ensuring an enjoyable embroidery experience.

Investing in a pair of high-quality double-curved machine embroidery scissors like the Ginghers will undoubtedly enhance your embroidery projects and make the trimming process a breeze.

These are definitely one of the best sewing scissors.

Pretty Vintage Embroidery Scissors

It’s important to consider that scissors like these are most suitable for cutting delicate fabrics and threads. Their sharp tips excel at trimming threads close to the fabric, making them ideal for precision work. However, it’s crucial to avoid using them on heavy materials as they may not be well-suited for such tasks. 

Opting for scissors with a sturdier build and thicker blades would be more appropriate for heavier fabrics.

By selecting the right tool for each specific task, you can ensure optimal cutting performance and preserve the longevity of your delicate scissors. These are definitely one of the best sewing scissors.

Classic Gingher 8” Shears

best sewing scissors

​Prior to discovering my beloved Guggenhein shears (mentioned as #1 above), Gingher 8″ dressmaking shears held the top spot as my favorite scissors. I continue to own several pairs of these exceptional shears. 

Renowned for their sharpness, they offer a precision cutting experience. The ability to sharpen them when necessary ensures their longevity and extends their lifespan.

Crafted with durability in mind, Gingher dressmaking shears are designed to withstand the test of time, making them a reliable choice for sewists and quilters alike. These are definitely one of the best sewing scissors.

Helpful tip: If you notice that these scissors become loose over time, you can easily address the issue by gently tightening the screw located in the middle of the scissors.

 Simply locate the screw and use a suitable tool, such as a small screwdriver, to tighten it. This simple adjustment will ensure that your scissors maintain their optimal functionality and cutting performance.

Kai Pink Handled Scissors

best sewing scissors

I completely understand the joy of owning multiple pairs of scissors, and I agree that the Kai Pink Handled Scissors are indeed amazing for sewing.

Additionally, their versatile size, featuring a 6 1/2″ blade, makes them perfect for various tasks such as clipping and trimming seam allowances, cutting out small pattern pieces, and precisely shaping applique pieces.

Furthermore, the soft and comfortable plastic handles provide an ergonomic grip, allowing for prolonged use without discomfort.

These scissors truly exemplify the perfect combination of functionality and comfort, making them a valuable addition to any sewing toolkit. These are definitely one of the best sewing scissors.


Indeed, the variety of sewing scissors available is a testament to the diverse range of sewing projects and materials one can work with.

It’s essential to maintain the sharpness of your sewing scissors by keeping them separate from other crafting and paper scissors, as this prevents any dulling or damage to their blades.

 Investing in high-quality best sewing scissors ensures a prolonged lifespan, and if necessary, you can have them professionally sharpened to continue enjoying their benefits for years to come.

It’s always interesting to hear about other sewists’ favorite scissors and discover new recommendations.

You are welcome to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section, as it’s a great

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