This tote bag is a quick fat quarter projects

9 Easy and Quick Fat Quarter Projects To Make

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For all the sewing enthusiasts out there with a growing fabric stash, discovering fat quarter projects that make the most of your materials is always exciting.

Fat quarters are a favorite for crafters because they’re a quilter’s dream; cut into quarter-yard pieces and usually measuring 18″ x 22″, they’re the perfect size for a variety of small and manageable sewing projects.

When you buy these pre-cut pieces from your local fabric store or on Amazon, you’re not just adding to your collection—you’re stocking up on potential.

Imagine turning these vibrant squares of fabric into eye-catching creations with the help of free sewing patterns that can easily be found online.

Whether you’re in the mood for whipping up a cute pouch, a stylish tote bag, or even a cozy quilt, fat quarters offer just enough material to make sewing both fun and practical. With straightforward patterns and your sewing machine, you can transform your fabric quarters into something unique and useful.

These versatile pieces of fabric open up a world of creativity. They’re a great way to burn through your stash without the commitment of a larger project.

Dive into fun projects that require minimal material but deliver maximum satisfaction. From home decor to personal accessories, there’s no limit to what you can craft with a focus, some thread, and a little time at your sewing station.

Tapping into your stash of fat quarters, you can easily craft handy accessories that are as functional as they are stylish.

Whether you’re aiming for practical goods like a phone cozy or eye-catching fabric coasters, each project is a unique opportunity to make something beautiful.

Sunglasses Case

Fat Quarter Projects
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Download Sunglasses Case Pattern

Protect your shades in style with a DIY Sunglasses Case. You’ll need:

  • A fat quarter of fabric
  • Fleece lining (optional for cushioning)
  • Snap or button for closure
  • Sewing essentials


  1. Cut the fabric into two identical rectangle pieces.
  2. Follow our easy tutorial  to assemble and sew the pieces right sides together, leaving an opening for turning.
  3. Add a closure of your choice, and voilà, your sunglasses are vacation-ready!

This is such an easy sewing project and one of our favourite things in our handbag.

DIY Fabric Coasters

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See ​DIY Fabric coasters pattern

For adorable coasters that are sure to impress your guests. We use fat quarter bundles to create them. Simply gather:

  • Various fat quarters (the more colors and patterns, the merrier)
  • Batting or felt for absorbency (optional)
  • Sewing essentials

Phone Cozy

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Get Phone Cozy pattern

Keep your phone snug and scratch-free with a custom Phone Cozy using:

  • One fat quarter of cotton fabric
  • Soft lining material like felt or batting like we use
  • Velcro or button for closure
  • Sewing essentials (scissors, sewing machine, etc)

Wine Gift Bag

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See Wine Gift Bag pattern

When you’re off to a party, bring your host a bottle of wine in a Wine Gift Bag. This is a perfect gift for the festive season. You’ll need:

  • One fat quarter of fabric
  • Ribbon or cord for the drawstring

We have an entire tutorial available, and it is one of our favorite fat quarter projects. 

Fabric Basket

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See Fabric Basket Tutorial

If you’re into sewing, fabric bags are a fantastic way to use your stash of cute fat quarters. They’re practical, customizable, and can be made with just a quarter yard of fabric.

Download the free pattern and then place it next to your sewing machine to catch your extra threads. 

Are you loving these fat quarter sewing projects? We still have more easy fat quarter projects to show you. 

Drawstring Bag

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See Drawstring Bag tutorial

Drawstring bags are an easy project, perfect for beginners. You’ll need two fat quarters and a piece of ribbon or cord. Cut the fabric into equal size squares or rectangles, sew the sides and bottom, create a channel at the top, and thread your cord through. It’s great for using up fabric scraps and ending up with a handy bag for storage or gifting small things or delicious treats.

  • Materials: 2 fat quarters; ribbon/cord.
  • Steps:
    1. Cut fabric into squares/rectangles.
    2. Sew sides and bottom.
    3. Create channel for drawstring.
    4. Thread the ribbon or cord through.

Tote Bag

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See Tote Bag tutorial

Tote bags are a staple and make for a favorite fat quarter project. Take two or more fat quarters for the outer bag and lining. You’ll need to reinforce the fabric with interfacing for stability.

Handle options vary, but you can make them from scraps. Sew the outer fabric, lining, and handles together, and voilà! You’ve made a fashionable and sturdy accessory.

  • Materials: Fat quarters, interfacing, fabric for handles.
  • Construction:
    1. Cut fabric & interfacing.
    2. Iron interfacing to fabric.
    3. Sew outer bag and lining.
    4. Attach handles.
    5. Assemble the bag.

Origami Bento Bag

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See Origami Bento Bag tutorial

The origami bento bag has a unique design created by folding fabric into a stylish and functional tote. It’s such a fantastic project and the tutorial include step by step tutorials to follow along.

Start with a single, large square cut from a fat quarter. The folding technique might take a couple of tries to master, but once you’ve got it, you can make bento bags in various sizes. They’re terrific for grocery shopping or as eco-friendly gift wrapping.

  • Materials: Large fabric squares.
  • Folding Technique:
    1. Lay out the square flat.
    2. Fold according to bento bag instructions.
    3. Sew the edges together where needed.

Each of these projects showcases colorful fat quarter projects that are as fun to make as they are to use. Whether you opt for a simple drawstring bag, a classic tote, or a trendy origami bento bag, you’ll have a custom-made solution for carrying your essentials.

Home Decor Crafts

Transform your space with these easy and stylish fat quarter projects designed to add a homemade touch to your home decor and are super cute projects. We love small projects that make a big impact in so many different ways.

Fabric Wreath: Grab a few fat quarters in complementary colors and patterns to create a cheerful fabric wreath. Cut strips, tie them around a foam or wire ring, and fluff them out for a full, vibrant look. Hang it on your front door or above the mantel for a pop of handmade charm.

Zipper Pouch: Although not a traditional decor item, a handmade zipper pouch can serve as a chic storage solution. Use a bold fat quarter for the exterior and a lighter shade for the lining. Add a contrasting zipper for a modern touch. It’s perfect for stashing remotes or small trinkets, keeping your coffee table clutter-free.

Fabric Bowl Cover

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See Fabric bowl Cover Pattern

These are so great for the dinner table in the summer as you are eating outside. These also make great gifts for a wedding shower. You could add a family recipe tea towel and you have an inexpensive DIY gifts that people will love. 

Remember to mix and match fat quarter patterns to reflect your personal style and to give your home a unique, crafted aesthetic.

Whether you’re sprucing up for a season or just looking to add a handmade touch, these projects are quick, fun, and functional.

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