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Ultimate Prime Day 2023 Deals for Crocheters, Quilters and Sewers

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Ready for Prime day? There are some amazing deals and we can’t wait to share those with you. It’s a great time to grab some sewing/quilting deals. If you find one we didn’t discover, please leave us a comment so we can add it to the list.

Irons Prime Day 2023 Deals

Whether you are looking for a mini iron or a regular sized iron for quilting or sewing Amazon has some great prime day deals.

If you have wanted an auto lift iron, here’s one $40 off for Amazon Prime Day 2023. I doubt you will see this at a lower price anytime soon.

This is one of the top-rated mini irons on the market and wow it’s such a great price on Prime Day. There are also a ton of other ones on sale, so simply search mini iron to see more deals.

Interfacing Prime Day 2023 Deals

I recently found an interfacing I LOVE. I already bought mine with the prime deal but it’s such a great product. I typically get heavy-weight and Medium-weight so I have both.

Unlike normal interfacing that can feel scratchy, this interfacing feels like cotton fabric but is such a great interfacing.

Scissors/Cutters Prime Day 2023 Deals

It’s always nice to get new scissors, especially to have an extra pair if yours are in pretty good shape. They have some great deals on scissors.

These fabric scissors also come with a tape measure and are $10 off the regular price.

Quilting Rulers/Mats Prime Day 2023 Deals

Prime Day 2023 deals

I love this Prime Deal because it comes with the mat but also the rotary cutters and extra blades. I would add the longer ruler to the order and be covered when it comes to cutting.

I use these rulers with the weights every single time I sew and quilt. It plus a rotary cutter makes everything so much easier.

If you struggle to square up your fabrics, these rulers will help a ton. They come in multiple sizes and are a quilters dream. They are over 16% off.

I use these pens all the time. You use them to mark your fabric and they disappear when ironed. I will be getting a few of these.

Furniture (chairs, tables etc)

Chairs and more chairs are on sale for Prime Day. Here are our favorite 3 with tons of great reviews.

This chair is available in multiple colors and has great reviews

Another great chair with great reviews. It is also available in multiple colors. It’s also $50 off the normal price and under $50.

Prime Days

This chair is less than $60 and available in blue and black. Great for small spaces and for back support.

This is such a great sewing table for compact spaces or if you want to be organized. It has a significant discount today.

This cabinet folds up and looks like a piece of furniture. So pretty and such great storage.

Sewing Machines on Sale Prime Day 2023

If you are looking for a mini or handheld sewing machine, there are a ton of them on sale but we only found 2 sewing machines on sale for Prime Day. Both are Brother and really great machines.

Sewing Machine brands

This Singer sewing machine (MX60) is a great beginner or extra sewing machine. Perfect for a second machine or as a gift for a child/grandchild learning to sew and it’s only $90.

Prime Deals

Here are a few details about this machine:

Brother Sewing Machine, ST371HD, 37 Built-in Stitches, 6 Included Sewing Feet, Free Arm Option

Fabric Prime Deals

I was actually surprised to find a few fabric deals that are really good deals.

These charm packs for quilting are perfect for any upcoming quilts. This is such a great deal on fabric.

Love the variety of colors in this pack and such a great deal on fabric.

Tons of solid fabric for quilting or sewing and great reviews.

I am sure there are some other great deals. If you find one, please let us know in the comments and we will add to the list.

Use the fabric for these fun quilting projects

Crochet Deals

Such a great deal for yarn and a carrying case.

Quilted Placemat

Quilted tote bag

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